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Convergys maintains a large, regional staffing agency prominent in the Midwestern United States. Nearly 80 locations serve job seekers looking for part-time, contract-to-hire, and traditional contract work in roughly a half dozen industries.

Facts About Working at Convergys

Minimum Age to Work at Convergys: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Convergys?)

Convergys Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Convergys: Telecommunications Customer Service Associate, Customer Service Problems Resolution Representative, Sales Operations Manager, Training and Quality Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Convergys Job Opportunities

The regional recruitment firm works closely with domestic and international companies to outsource applicants for employment in specific sectors. Convergys offers specific job placement services for work in information technology, government, healthcare, automotive repair, retail, and banking. The international reach of the agency spans more than 30 countries and connects tens of thousands of individuals with meaningful employment opportunities.

Employment opportunities available typically include entry-level posts ranging from customer service representative to technical support staff. The recruitment agency also offers work-from-home opportunities. Applicants in search of jobs through Convergys typically need to complete brief examinations to determine abilities. Most potential recruits encounter multiple tests; however, usually no more than two or three. Job seekers then interview with staff onsite, which may include further testing. Placement in the workforce generally takes about five to seven days, depending on specific industry and professional abilities.

Employment as a Convergys Temporary Employee

Most of the jobs Convergys recruits for involve office settings. Workers should expect to sit at desks for long hours and carry out administrative, sales, or customer service-related tasks. Large companies usually contact the staffing firm to hire groups of individuals. Hours may vary depending on specific position assumed. Call centers and other administrative offices generally keep consistent hours; however, customer service roles may require employees to work night and weekend shifts, especially for industries or positions involving troubleshooting for technology-based services. Positions utilizing computers and the internet make up a majority. Applicants should possess some familiarity in navigating the web and using computers to reach full potential as a candidate with the staffing firm.

Temp Service Pay Scales

Typical recruits earn hourly pay rates falling between $8.00 and $14.00. Previous experience or related backgrounds may influence potential earnings upon hire. Jobs involving sales may offer supplementary commissions based on performance. In addition to entry-level jobs, Convergys outsources for management, which may offer annual salary options, depending on the length of employment terms and contracts. Workers under contract-to-hire obligations may receive higher earnings than short-term employees. Annual salary options regularly range from $25,000 at start up to $40,000 for experienced individuals.

Tips For Applying

Applicants looking for employment through Convergys should prepare to spend at least a week going through protocol to receive placement in a desired field. Prepare for the process by updating copies of professional resumes and cover letters and bringing the completed documents in during the personal interview phase. Speak candidly with hiring personnel to ensure appropriate job placement in a desired industry. Candidates should wear office-professional clothing when attending in-person interviews and exude conduct typical of corporate and/or customer service settings.

Application Status

Recruitment staff generally contact potential contract associates as soon as positions become available. The process may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the need for contract workers. Applicants may check in with staffing agents via telephone or email while waiting on employment determinations to check on application status. Contact usually takes place over the telephone, with recruitment personnel offering detailed information on potential career leads and potential hiring supplemented by confirmation emails.

Benefits of Working at Convergys

Short-term, contractual positions historically offer no real employment benefits other than pay and possible commissions. Workers placed in jobs offering contract-to-hire possibilities may receive employee benefits packages after completing the temporary assignments. Professional offices, like the companies Convergys works closely with, regularly offer paid time off, medical coverage, life insurance plans, and 401(k) retirement plans.

Further Information on Convergys

While Convergys remains popular as a source for recruiting office workers in the United States, the international staffing agency maintains a large presence in the Philippines and India. The worldwide network of recruitment branches includes more than 150 locations and employable staff in excess of 125,000 individuals. The Philippines division of the staffing firm continues to earn distinction for international recruitment services in the field of information and communications technology, with accolades including honors awarded by Business Process Outsourcing in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.


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