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What Should I Do With This Form?

You can print the application available here. Use the directions on this page to fill it out, then take it to a local Costco. Or, you can learn more about how to apply online here. Start by looking for open jobs near you.

Why Apply at Costco?

Costco is a wholesale club providing groceries and other services. The company offers part-time and full-time positions in many different departments. Job hopefuls may find an entry-level career in the deli, bakery, food court, or membership desk. Start by clicking to download the application PDF above.

Candidates who print their Costco applications should take their time when filling them out. Once complete, applicants can return forms to their desired store. Make sure to ask for a manager and be professional. This is a chance to show personality and ask questions.

Completing a PDF Application for Costco

Potential hires should fill out applications clearly and carefully in black ink. Or, they can type directly in the spaces provided. There are four pages to complete. These include questions about previous work, education, personal information, and skills.

General Information

The first page of the application asks for standard info about the candidate. This includes a name, phone number, and preferred job. The company notes that not all positions have openings. Hopefuls must also sign and date this form.

Costco Values

This page does not require the applicant to record anything. However, it is important to review these values before applying. Here, the company states the traits it looks for in a Costco employee, as well as drug test and background check policies.

Personal Information and Education

Here, candidates record their name, address, phone number, and legal working status. They can also state the position wanted, desired wage, and availability. Hopefuls will state if they or anyone they know have previously worked with Costco.

In the education section, applicants list any previous schooling. They will have to note the years attended and if they earned a degree. Keep in mind that most Costco jobs are entry-level and do not need college experience.

Skills, Work History, and Agreement

The skills section asks about experience operating machinery. Applicants may also highlight any special certificates or licenses. In the work history section, job hopefuls record previous experience and references.

After completing the application forms, the potential employee must read and sign an agreement. This confirms the information is correct and candidates are aware of the company’s policies. Be sure to complete this step because the document is not valid until signed.

3 user comments:

  1. Matthew Bonfield

    I was employed by Costco Wholesale in Danville/San Ramon, CA as a front end customer assistance/stocker.
    My employment was for the Holiday Seasonal period. I would enjoy returning to Cosco Wholesale as a part-time or seasonal worker
    available in the following departments:
    Merchandise Stocking; Cart Assistance; Maintenance Departments.
    I am strong, organized and a good worker.
    I am available immediately and would enjoy a position at the Cosco location
    in the Green Valley/Fairfield/Suisun, CA store location.

  2. Susan Taylor

    I have been trying to apply for a job at the new Costco that is opening on Saint Rose Parkway in Henderson Nevada Please tell me how to proceed.I have filled out a application awhile ago and have heard nothing.

  3. C. J. Hall

    This week I started my first online application at Costco.. I completed almost all of it, saved it, and wanted to finish it yesterday. When I tried to open my saved application it was not there. I had spent considerable time getting the information on my application completed, it said it was possible to save it and return another time to continue it.

    My question: where is my saved incomplete Costco job application?
    Do I have to start it all over again?
    Can someone help me retrieve my application or is it gone?


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