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One of the largest retailers in the world, Costco is a members-only wholesale club. This large chain of warehouse-style stores sells a variety of goods, including groceries, electronics, and home goods. The company has many different entry-level employment opportunities and also hires additional seasonal help for the holidays.

Facts About Working at Costco

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Costco?)

Available Positions: Cashier, deli associate, greeter, manager, pharmacy technician, stocker, truck driver

Printable Application: Yes. Print Costco application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Costco Employee Interviews

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Costco Employment Opportunities

Why is Costco a Good Place to Work?
Costco is an ideal place to find work in the retail industry. Ongoing growth means they regularly need to hire more employees. While some roles are entry-level, Costco prefers to promote from within, so many jobs can lead to long-term careers. Most positions involve customer service, but there are many other opportunities available within each store.

How Do I Apply at Costco?
Costco lists open positions for part-time, full-time, and seasonal work on the company’s website. Hopefuls can find available openings and review job descriptions there as well. Be prepared to provide details about previous employment and contact information for any references.

Costco Jobs and Salary Information

What is the Best Job at Costco?
Costco offers a number of different jobs in each store. Some require previous experience or licensing while others are available to those with no prior training. Employees can also earn promotions for their hard work. The company often hires for the following roles:


  • Sometimes called front end associates, cashiers interact with shoppers on a daily basis.
  • Duties include scanning merchandise and coupons, selling memberships, and bagging items.
  • Costco employees frequently answer questions and must stand for long periods of time during a shift.
  • View the Costco cashier job description for further details.

Stock Associate

  • Primary duties include moving shipments from trucks to shelves and back storage rooms.
  • Workers must perform some heavy lifting and be able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Costco stock associates typically work varied morning, afternoon, and overnight shifts.
  • The company does require employees pass a pre-employment drug test. Read the Costco stock associate job description to learn more.

Pharmacy Technicians

  • Individuals additional schooling and proper certification to apply for pharmacy jobs.
  • Pharmacy technicians at Costco fill prescriptions, interact with customers, and take payments.
  • Applicants should be detail-oriented, courteous, and helpful.


  • Costco managers hire and train new employees, create work schedules, and answer customer questions.
  • Workers must have experience in retail and demonstrate excellent leadership skills. Browse the Costco manager job description for a full list of requirements.

How Much Does Costco Pay Per Hour?

Wages for Costco employees vary based on position. Entry-level roles like cashier and stock associate pay around $8 to $10 per hour. Pharmacy jobs require special training, so those workers earn between $30K and $40K each year. For members of management, salary packages start at $35K, with store managers averaging about $60K annually.

Where Do I Apply for a Job at Costco?

Job seekers can use the Costco website to search for open positions by city, state, or zip code. After creating a profile, users can fill out an online application for roles they are interested in. Having employment history and contact information available will help to streamline the process.

Can You Apply for a Job at Costco in Person?

Costco also offers a paper application form. Candidates can pick up copies at local warehouse locations during the hours that they are open for business. Dress professionally when visiting and avoid going when the store is especially busy, such as on weekends.

How Do I Check the Status of My Costco Application?

After submitting an application online, prospects will receive a confirmation at the email address provided. Hiring managers reach out to qualified applicants by phone to schedule interviews. Updates may be available through the online job portal, but you can also follow up with a phone call to the store.

Benefits of Working at Costco

Costco offers employees healthcare, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. Qualifying workers also receive paid time off for vacation and sick days. Other perks include:

  • Employee stock purchase and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Full-time salaried associates are eligible for employment benefits after 30 days.

More Information on Costco

In addition to wholesale services and an online store, Costco also offers travel services. Customers may log on or visit store representatives to make travel arrangements to various locations. Options include airfare, cruise packages, rental cars, and hotel accommodations. Shoppers also have the ability to finance their trips at store locations, as well.



    I worked in prep food for more then 8 years. I know to make lasagna meat,vegetable,eggplant parmesan lasagna,cabbage rolls, meat and veg cannelloni, meat balls, different kind of pasta and more.

  • Samuel Harris says:

    Yes, I’ve worked for Costco in California. I was front end assistance for 7 months, and I loved it. I love fast paced jobs.

  • Johnny Lozano says:

    Yes from 98 to 2000. I was hired as seasonal help. I was made a permanent employee 6 months later. I was a full-time employee, working in all departments. I worked in produce the first half of my shift and cashier the second half. On the weekends I was working in produce.

  • Cathy Santangelo says:

    My grandson worked at Costco when he was in college. He worked in the meat dept and loved it.

  • Arnette Smith says:

    Arnette Smith
    I’ve worked for Costco, in Marketing/Membership..
    An amazing company to be a part of…

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