Country Inns and Suites Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Country Inns & Suites

Country Inns & Suites stands as a major competitor in the hospitality company. As such, the hotel chain looks for diligent, professional, and approachable people to both hire and advance in the company. The hiring process generally consists of multiple interviews with general and hiring managers. Formalities of the process may span from a few days to a couple of weeks. Once contacted, applicants participate in one-on-one interview sessions to determine eligibility. Some locations implement group interviews, depending on the volume of applicants.

Standard Hotel Industry Interview Questions

Questions often asked in hotel industry interviews often include:

  • "What is your availability, and can you work a sporadic schedule?"
  • "Why do you want to work in this industry?"
  • "What qualifies you to work at Country Inns & Suites?"
  • "Can you keep a positive attitude when dealing with an extremely unhappy guest?"
Applicants able to show respect to people from different cultures and walks of life stand better chances of securing employment at Country Inns & Suites. Workers should consider communication skills and comfort when dealing with stressful or potentially aggravating situations before applying.

Appearances and Attitudes

Attention to hygiene, timeliness, and proper attire remain paramount to impressing hiring representatives. As a business specializing in hospitality, workers must display presentable appearances and courteous attitudes at all times. Country Inn & Suites applicants should readily share information pertaining to job skills, work history, availability, and personal goals. Avoid rambling off subject and maintain proper eye contact with hiring representatives throughout the interview process. Job hopefuls should answer interview questions honestly and to the best of known abilities. Highlight any previous experience in the hospitality, travel, or hotel industry to gain preferential treatment in the deliberation process.

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