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Nationwide restaurant chain Cracker Barrel serves traditional, country-style foods out of more than 630 locations across the United States. The chain also operates general stores found inside each restaurant, which provide opportunities for part-time and entry-level work in multiple capacities.

Facts About Working at Cracker Barrel

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Cracker Barrel?)

Available Positions: Host/Hostess, Server, Grill Cook, Prep Cook, Busser/Dishwasher, Cashier, Retail Personnel, Night Maintenance Employee, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Retail Manager, Restaurant Manager Trainee

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Cracker Barrel Job Opportunities

The pastoral natures of Cracker Barrel locations provide relaxing, laidback, and genial work environments. Each restaurant maintains staffs of 20 to 30 employees at any given time and consistently hires on new workers. Applicants typically access available jobs by visiting locations and requesting application forms in person. Work also stands readily available via the company website by accessing the careers tab on the homepage.

Part-time jobs generally represent the most common positions of hire at Cracker Barrel locations. The entry-level positions feature flexible scheduling, paid training, competitive base pays, and possibilities for promotion into managerial roles. Career seekers with leadership experience in similar settings may take immediate interest in supervisory positions featuring generous salary options and work benefits packages. Most restaurant jobs involve some form of customer service responsibilities, with food prep and sanitation tasks reserved for work in the kitchen.

Cracker Barrel Employment and Pay Scales Information

The nationwide, country-style restaurant chain sets the minimum age for employment consideration at 16 years of age. A majority of entry-level jobs, like server, host, sales associate, and busser, require little-to-no experience or formal requirements for hire. Candidates looking for careers in management or full-time opportunities may need to meet more stringent hiring qualifications, including minimum age restrictions of 18 and over, high school diplomas, and related experience. A typical opportunist comes across the following positions when looking for work with the restaurant:


  • The primary responsibilities of hosts include greeting patrons upon entering each restaurant, taking reservations, and seating guests.
  • As a first point of contact with diners, host applicants must present personal and professional demeanors to gain employment.
  • Clean-cut and well-manicured appearances bode well for potential hosts.
  • Friendly and positive attitudes in addition to multitasking abilities also serve as desirable traits.
  • The entry-level job pays minimum wage upon hire and offers opportunities to earn as much as $9.00 an hour.


  • One of the most readily available positions at Cracker Barrel restaurants, server positions feature part-time schedules and the ability to earn tips.
  • Key duties include engaging customers, taking food and drink orders, serving menu items, refilling drinks, and ringing up sales.
  • Applicants must possess excellent people skills and determined, self-motivated attitudes.
  • Servers move around on foot for long periods of time and carry orders to each table.
  • Physical endurance may prove a necessary quality for hire as well as basic math skills and reliable work ethics.
  • Servers must also memorize entire menu listings and customer orders.
  • The position pays the federal minimum wage for tipped employees.
  • With gratuities, servers earn between $8.00 and $12.00 per hour, on average.
  • Learn more about server jobs with the Cracker Barrel server job description.

Kitchen Help

  • Opportunities for work in the kitchen at Cracker Barrel locations includes both grill cook and prep cook jobs.
  • Applicants may need previous and related experience for employment consideration as cooks.
  • Job hopefuls should also display some personal interest in the culinary arts and sound abilities in sanitation and safety.
  • Job duties revolve around preparing meals.
  • Prep cooks may use microwaves, stovetops, and ovens to prepare foods, while grill cooks operate large, commercial grills to fix meals for customers.
  • Some inventory documentation also proves necessary to ensure food stocks remain plentiful.
  • Cooks may work part-time or full-time.
  • Average hourly pay rests around $9.00 or $10.00 to start with the potential to rise to $13.00 or $14.00 with experience.
  • Read the Cracker Barrel kitchen help job description for more details.

Sales Associate

  • On the retail side of business, the restaurant chain regularly hires on sales associates to assist customers in making purchases.
  • Additional job duties include operating cash registers, stocking out merchandise, preventing theft, and organizing displays.
  • Sales team members generally work part-time and maintain flexible work schedules.
  • Bending, stooping, and some minor lifting may prove necessary during a given shift; however, most responsibilities held by sales workers include communicating with the general public.
  • The average sales associate starts out earning minimum wage, with experienced employees gaining access to pay rates as high as $8.00 or $9.00 hourly.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should show openness to performing any and all tasks assigned by management during the interviewing process. Previous experience in the restaurant industry may benefit prospective applicants more during the recruitment phase; however, demonstrating a team-oriented attitude and friendly personality during an interview may persuade managers in final employment determinations more than prior job histories. Complete the application form, accessible in person or online, with accurate and honest information. Individuals misrepresentative of past jobs or personal information may receive expulsion from applicant pools.

Application Status

Taking an active role in garnering hiring review may assist applicants in receiving favorable determinations. After submitting the necessary application documents, applicants should follow up to express interest in the position desired. Call or visit the desired location if no communication occurs between manager and candidate during the initial submission of documents. Applicants who fill out hiring forms online may send emails to inquire about application status. Wait a day or two before following up to avoid pestering management, especially if hiring personnel intend to call you at a later date. Most job seekers pass through the formal process of review within two weeks, and many within a couple of days.

Benefits of Working at Cracker Barrel

Upon hire, each Cracker Barrel employee receives weekly paychecks, flexible schedule options, and complimentary uniforms. Hourly associates gain access to:

  • 401(k) plans, stock purchase plans
  • 50 percent discounts on meals during shifts and discounted pricing on meals and merchandise
  • In general, opt-in medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Referral programs and bonus rewards.

Managerial positions offer similar job benefits in addition to bi-weekly salary pay, holiday pay, paid vacation, and opportunities for advancement into corporate-level careers in the company home offices.

Additional Information on Cracker Barrel

In 1996, the restaurant created a non-profit off chute for the brand called Cracker Barrel Foundation. The organization works closely with other charities in surrounding communities to enrich the lives of others and support social initiatives financially and through volunteerism. One of the largest partnering organizations the foundation works with includes National Military Family Association, whose main initiative, Purple Family Retreat Program, received widespread support from the nationwide restaurant chain.


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