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Opened as a family business in 1962, Crate & Barrel creates workplaces filled with friendly and compassionate individuals. Careers stand accessible for talented candidates ready to help customers achieve ultimate shopping experiences.

Facts About Working at Crate And Barrel

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Crate And Barrel?)

Available Positions: Furniture Sales Associate, Housewares Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Department Manager, Design Trainee, Management Trainee, Maintenance Manager, Packaging Engineer, Package Supervisor, Merchandise Handler, Equipment Operator, Maintenance Worker, Shift Manager, Sale Auditor, Cash Operations Associate, Seasonal Help, Sales Associate

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Crate & Barrel Job Opportunities

The first location, an old elevator factory on Wells Street, Chicago, IL, proudly displayed crating lumber over worn drywall and hung burlap atop shelving units. Founders Gordon and Carole Segal developed close relationships with clients, which facilitated the change of merchandising, displays, and advertising based on requests. Stores provide a variety of goods and products utilized within the home, including furniture and high-end accessories. The decor company offers chic, contemporary designs at inexpensive prices. More than 170 locations span across America under the owner Otto GmBH, an e-commerce and mail order company. Crate and Barrel carefully opens each location with experienced staff members aiding in the transition. Employees remain selected based on creativity, personable demeanors, communication skills, and ability to create profits.

Reaching millions of customers and providing world class service, Crate and Barrel utilizes strong teams of employees to foster welcoming and enticing environments. With exciting opportunities available in multiple sectors of the business, staff members find careers matching personal preferences and passions. Constantly learning and evolving, individuals become inspired everyday through ongoing education and training. Supportive team members encourage comradery and career development at both the store and company levels. The settings also inspires hopefuls with unique backgrounds and perspectives, which bring new ideas to stores and corporate locations.

Employment Facts and Wage Information for Crate & Barrel

Candidates must typically stand over the age of 18 to gain employment. High school graduates and individuals with GED equivalents normally receive more attention from recruiters. Other traits, such as communication skills, proven sales ability, and upbeat, friendly demeanors, reign supreme in hiring decisions. Opportunities for entry-level aspirants frequently take the form of:

Customer Service Representative

  • Good listeners with patience successfully gain employment as customer service representatives.
  • As ambassadors of the company brand, associates stand as the foundations for positive customer experiences.
  • Support remains offered every step of the way, as employees tactfully guide clients through problems with simple resolutions.
  • Representatives should possess superior phone etiquette.
  • Customers may call in with order requests or complaints, which requires workers to adapt to unique situations.
  • Most positions operate in office settings, where basic skills such as data entry and math knowledge remain helpful.
  • Hourly wages of $10.00 to $13.00 pose available for entry-level candidates.

Sales Associate

  • Salary packages for sales positions begin at $10.00 and move upwards to $13.00 an hour.
  • Compensation also takes the form of commissions and competitive bonuses.
  • Associates operate at the center of all customer experiences by creating fun shopping environments.
  • With the support of sales managers and leaders, employees receive daily production goals and become experts with the latest products.
  • Team members must also keep sales floors organized and welcoming throughout the day.
  • Sales associates should maintain excellent written and verbal language skills.
  • Basic computer knowledge and the ability to adapt to new software programs stands essential.
  • On occasions, staff may move or lift up to 50 pounds.

Merchandising/Stock Associate

  • Highly organized and exceptionally creative, merchandising associates maintain order in stockrooms.
  • Product displays remain ready to shop due to the dedication of stock employees.
  • Neat sales floors, which consistently stay well stocked, demonstrate the essentialness of the position.
  • Combined with positive attitudes and the ability to multitask, staff members operate as part of visual teams to create perfect atmospheres.
  • Pay rates range from $10.00 to $16.00 an hour allowing for room to grow within the company.
  • Candidates qualify with high school diplomas or GED equivalents and previous retail experience.
  • The ability to lift and move up to 65 pounds may occasionally present necessary.
  • Individuals with good reading, basic mathematics, and time management skills fare well in the demanding positions.

Tips For Applying

Individuals seeking opportunities to become part of dynamic teams should apply online for job openings. Candidates should learn more about stores, distribution facilities, contact centers, and corporates offices in order to begin efficient searches. After selecting job titles, aspirants need to submit resumes and cover letters as part of the application process. Profiles stay on the company server for roughly one year after dates of receipt. Phone calls and inquiring about positions in-person remain discouraged.

Application Status

Qualified job hunters receive personal contact from recruiters to arrange interviews. Crate and Barrel requests no phone calls from applicants looking to follow up on statuses of applications. Since applications remain in the system for quite some time, candidates may receive contact at later dates regarding open positions, especially during holiday times. Hiring processes generally take a few days to several weeks, depending on need for employees and number of contenders. Multiple interviews may take place before offered a position. Potential workers may choose to apply for numerous locations and openings to increase chances of gaining employment.

Work Benefits of Crate & Barrel

Many job benefits begin from day one for both full-time and part-time associates. The decor company successfully attracts vigorous groups of workers due to the full spectrum of rewards available. Compensation, offered as competitive salary and commission, entices staff members to put forth extreme effort. Work/life balance, accomplished through paid time off, flexible scheduling, and employee assistance programs, forges strong work ethics. Planning for the future, obtainable for full-time and part-time workers, includes 401(k) retirement plans and profit sharing. Health coverage to include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental, and
  • Vision insurance options allows team members wellness opportunities as well.

Supplementary Facts about Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel takes an environmental approach to marketing and catalogs, with new technologies aiding in the process. In 2007, nearly 75% of catalogs maintained close to 10% post-customer waste or received paper certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC operates as an international nonprofit organization focused on environmental stewardship and community involvement through forest management. Since 2009, every catalog prints on FSC-certified paper and remains bleached without elemental chlorine. Online catalogs allow for easy viewing through home computers, laptops, and smart devices, as well.

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