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Download a printable Crazy 8 employment form.

Crazy 8 pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Crazy 8 Application

Using a printable application provides unique advantages over filling out hiring forms onsite or accessing employment documents online. Individuals utilizing downloadable PDF versions of the application enjoy opportunities to correct errors without the need to ask for additional copies of the paper documents. Arriving with a completed form in hand as opposed to filling one out on location decreases the amount of time needed to interact with management, as hiring officials often maintain busy schedules. Limiting contact while remaining direct and showing preparedness demonstrates professionalism and drive to gain employment.

How to Fill out the Crazy 8 PDF Application

Applicants need to set aside 20 to 30 minutes to fill out the data fields required on the Crazy 8 printable PDF hiring form. The document contains two pages and offers job seekers spaces to list contact information, details on employment and education histories, and general inquiries into expectations of positions desired as well as career aspirations. Employment hopefuls must use neutral colors of ink on the applications, such as blue or black.

“Contact Details”
Crazy 8 applicants list basic personal information in the first section beginning with store locations/numbers and the date. Candidates then provide names, addresses, email addresses, positions desired, minimum salary rates expected, and first available dates to work. The section also offers checkboxes to mark part-time, full-time, or temporary employment preferences and to indicate age as 18 or above. A chart providing spaces for each day of the week allows individuals to input daily availability for both daytime and evening shifts. Four questions delve into previous aliases used, former employment with the retailer, past applications submitted to the chain, and any relatives currently working for the company. Applicants must list aliases and the names of relatives employed as well as the store locations.

“Work Experience”
Individuals find lines to include up to three past employers in the Work Experience section. The comprehensive segment asks for information on recent positions held beginning with either current or most recent jobs held. Data required includes company names, locations, phone numbers, supervisor names, past titles, reasons for leaving, former duties, beginning and ending pay rates, and dates employed. Attaching a separate sheet of paper to the employment documents to further expand upon job history remains perfectly acceptable.

“Other References”
On the line provided, applicants provide details regarding a single person able to attest to individual character and professional abilities. Workers should try to avoid listing friends or relatives, if possible. Spaces for the name, address, phone number, and title for the reference appear on the hiring form. Applicants must also share the number of years acquainted with the referent.

“Education and Training”
The brief Education and Training section screens worker academic backgrounds. Applicants list details for high school, college, and vocational institutions attended. Provide the name of each school, location, years completed, and major or area of study.

“Additional Employment History Inquiries”
Workers begin the Additional Employment History Inquiries segment with a question regarding past terminations and/or forced resignations. Yes answers require detailed descriptions of the circumstances surrounding the dismissals. A second question probes into the number of work days applicants missed over the course of the last year. Individuals must also mark off on previous convictions of felonies and/or misdemeanors, pending criminal cases, or any acts of violence committed on the job. Describe in detail the events in the lines below, if applicable.

“Emergency Notification Designation”
The Crazy 8 printable application provides two lines for workers to list a single emergency contact the chain may reach out to in the event of accidents or other crises. Information required includes the name, relationship, and phone number of the individual.

“Referral Source”
Arranged in a series of checkboxes, the Referral Source section prompts job seekers to denote means of hearing about positions for hire. The options include Walk-In, Community Organization, Employment Agency, School/College, Other, Employee Referral, Newspaper Ad, or Website. Applicants must provide the name of the source for each method used to find Crazy 8 jobs.

“Career Objective”
Prior to signing and dating applications, workers answer two questions regarding motivations for employment and undesirable aspects of past jobs. Provide honest and truthful yet professional answers to each question. Candidates may respond to the questions on separate sheets of paper if more space proves necessary.

“Application Certification and Release”
The final section of the downloadable Crazy 8 application contains statements regarding the legality of the employment forms and the overall hiring process. Workers must sign and date on the line provided to certify the information accurately reflects individual professional and personal histories. Failure to provide honest details may result in dismissal from applicant pools and/or prosecution to the extent of the law.