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Kid's clothing retailer Crazy 8 specializes in fashions for children ages newborn to mid-teen. The retail chain boasts a store network of over 300 locations nationwide and plans to expand operations in the near future. Applicants in search of work in retail centered around fashion for children may take particular interest in the wide arrays of job opportunities available with the nationwide retailer.

Facts About Working at Crazy 8

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Crazy 8?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Sale Lead, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, Administrator, Building Maintenance Mechanic, Material Handler, Equipment Operator, Operations Supervisor, Assistant Merchandiser, Merchandiser

Printable Application: Yes. Print Crazy 8 application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Crazy 8 Job Opportunities

A relatively new addition to the fashion retail industry, Crazy 8 already commands a sizable market and looks to grow steadily in the coming years. The promise of growth means new employment opportunities for individuals seeking retail careers, including part-time, entry-level positions and full-time professional work in various fields. The most common positions for hire currently include entry-level customer service jobs, which predominantly feature customer service and sales responsibilities. Managerial positions available also center heavily on customer service and sales in addition to administrative responsibilities. Hiring requirements and specific job duties generally vary by position and tenure with the company.

Working at Crazy 8 sometimes includes fast-paced settings, with interpersonal communication a daily occurrence. Attentive, helpful, and self-motivated individuals represent the ideal types of workers the retail chain screens for during the hiring process. Associates must keep pace with customer needs, while maintaining order and cleanliness at each location. Sales positions may require employees to upsell items or explain, in-depth, products, services, and policies. Sound memorization skills often piggyback well with excellent interpersonal skills and may increase odds of gaining employment. Each stores hires workers independently. Explicit job requirements may vary by location.

Crazy 8 Employment and Pay Scales

Due to the low minimum hiring age of 16, Crazy 8 jobs remain ideal for teenagers looking to build real-world job experience in the retail industry. The fashion retailer provides competitive base pay and flexible scheduling conducive to high school and college schedules as well as paid training and access to exceptional work benefits packages. Job opportunities currently for hire include the following:

Sales Associate

  • An all-encompassing position, sales associate jobs feature both sales and cashier responsibilities.
  • Workers perform daily tasks on store sales floors and at the frontend check-out aisles.
  • Key duties range from assisting customers with purchases to receiving payments, processing transactions, stocking shelves, organizing displays, and answering inquiries related to merchandise, sales, or promotions.
  • Diligent, personable, and knowledgeable individuals able to interact comfortably with both adults and children excel in sales associate positions.
  • Part-time sales associate jobs usually feature 15 to 30 hours of work per week, while full-time positions offer 35 to 40 hours.
  • Pay scales max at $11.00 or so per hour. Introductory pay falls around minimum wage.


  • Employees demonstrating excellent work ethics, reliable personalities, and overall enthusiasm for the Crazy 8 job culture regularly receive promotion into supervisory and managerial careers.
  • The retailer also outsources for managers and supervisors, which provides job seekers an abundance of opportunities to find work with the popular nationwide chain.
  • As managers, workers fill administrative roles. Primary responsibilities include hiring, training, and scheduling entry-level employees, delegating work, enforcing company policies, and increasing sales.
  • Managers and supervisors usually work full-time, although part-time supervisory roles remain common throughout the network of stores.
  • Common starting pay for supervisors hovers around $8.00 an hour.
  • Managers make an average of $35,000 in annual salary.

Tips For Applying

The retail chain looks into the past work histories of potential candidates moving forward in the hiring process. Applicants should take care to provide factual, accurate information while creating strong cases for employment. Take time to fill out the employment history section completely and to the best of known abilities when completing hiring forms. Review the information before turning the application into a desired store location or submitting the electronic version of the hiring document online. Spending extra time to provide detailed, current, and honest information may represent the difference in landing a job and missing out on the opportunity to work for the growing retailer.

Application Status

Each location implements hiring processes differently. In most cases, workers receive offers of employment in a week’s time or less after submitting the necessary hiring materials. Taking the application in personally and submitting the form by hand to a hiring manager usually expedites the process. After the formal recruitment process, applicants may check back with the retailer to inquire about the next appropriate actions. Phone calls and personal visits work well to initiate contact and express further interest in the job; however, potential employees should regulate the frequency of contact to inquire about a job vacancy to avoid pestering or annoying a future manager.

Benefits of Working at Crazy 8

Gymboree subsidiaries like Crazy 8 enjoy unique work environments featuring rewarding, laidback company cultures. The fashion retailer provides traditional introductory employment benefits, like direct deposit pay, discounts on merchandise, and industry-standard pay scales in addition to unique rewards like snack time, bonuses, and sabbatical programs. Other, more traditional work benefits available to qualified associates include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Holiday pay
  • Sick days, and personal time off
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage, and
  • Employee assistance programs.

More Information on Crazy 8

In accordance with the California Transparency Act of 2010, Crazy 8 provides the general public with detailed information about products and services, manufacturing practices, suppliers, logistics, sales, and earnings. The retail chain takes an avid stance against social injustices, specifically regarding human trafficking and the use of child or slave labor to produce goods. Measures taken to audit each franchise and investigate potential infractions appear on the company website.


  • An employee says:

    To every one inquiring information about benefits from Crazy 8. As an employee who has been with the Gymboree corporation, Crazy 8 does not allow benefits unless you are a full-time employee, I am a sales associate and sadly with the time and energy I give I do not receive benefits. The sales lead and assistant managers are the same way, So unless you are going to be full-time, do not expect benefits. Also this would be a great question to ask at the end of the interview when they ask you if you have any questions.
    Another thing if you are looking to be a full-time employee and you have younger children that could slim your chances with the company (although may not seem like it) Is very time consuming. Yes, Crazy 8 is a wonderful place to work, but it does have its downs like most jobs.

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