Crazy 8 Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Crazy 8

A subsidiary of The Gymboree Corporation, Crazy 8 often looks for team members with a love for kids, passion for style, and zeal for providing great customer service to operate around 290 stores nationwide. The job interview and hiring process varies at different locations, with employment opportunities often listed on the company website. After filling out and submitting preliminary hiring forms, applicants typically receive contact for interviews within a few days. Entry-level applicants generally attend one interview session with hiring representatives before securing employment. The process usually takes no more than a week. Managerial applicants should anticipate a more involved screening process, which includes multiple evaluation formats like telephone, 1:1, or panel interviews.

How Should I Dress for Crazy 8 Interviews?

Entry-level job hopefuls should attend the Crazy 8 job interview dressed fashionably and appropriately. An applicant may want to model attire after a current employee to strike the right impression.

Ways to Prepare

Arrive before the scheduled interview time to calm nerves and mentally prepare. Focus on the topic at hand during the interview, as questions touch on various topics like availability, job history, applicable work skills, personality, and leadership potential.

Specific Examples of Interview Questions

Crazy 8 applicants may encounter some of the following inquiries: "Tell me about yourself," "Have you worked in retail before?", and "Can you recall an example where you fixed a problem a customer was facing?" Maintain a friendly disposition during the interview and communicate genuine desire to work for the retail chain.

Further Information for Aspiring Managers

Managerial candidates typically undergo phone screening before an in-store interview is scheduled. Applicants should arrive prepared to expound on experience with leading teams and solving customer service related problems. Common inquiries at managerial job interviews include: "What kind of environment do you want to create at Crazy 8?", "Who would you tell if you saw a fellow employee stealing merchandise?", and "Tell me about a time when you dealt with an unreasonable customer." Potential managers should review company policies and values to show alignment with the company vision when answering questions. Express gratitude for the opportunity by sending thank-you notes to hiring staff members after the interview.


  • kena says:

    What should i wear to a Crazy 8 interview?
    need to know ASAP!!
    i just found out i have an interview this Friday!(10/19/12)

  • Jessica dounel says:

    I just want to know the dress code for crazy 8?

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