Crocs Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Crocs

Renowned worldwide for popularizing basic foam clogs, Crocs provides job seekers with a simple hiring process. Most applicants selected to interview with Crocs encounter a single, face-to-face meeting with a hiring representative, though prospective store managers often undergo more than one interview with district and regional management. Entry-level and managerial candidates both sometimes begin the Crocs interview process by participating in an introductory phone screening mainly used to verify schedule availability, salary requirements, and overall interest in the position. Some job seekers advance directly to onsite interviews hosted at Crocs stores without having to complete a phone interview beforehand. During a Crocs interview, applicants respond to questions covering issues typically related to hiring, such as education, employment history, and related job skills.

Common Interview Questions

Standard behavioral questions tend to comprise the majority of most Crocs interviews. Candidates interviewing for Crocs jobs regularly respond to queries asking how they have handled or would handle certain workplace situations. Questions like, "What would you do if a customer wanted a shoe style that was out of stock?" and "Tell me about a time when you overcame a challenge at work," commonly appear during Crocs interviews. The innovative footwear retailer also takes an interest in the employment histories of applicants and often requires interviewees to talk about duties and accomplishments from past jobs. Other common Crocs interview questions include, "How would you rate your sales skills?" and frequently involve the discussion of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Know the Brand

When possible, tailor answers to commonly used interview questions to reflect the mission statement of the Crocs brand. Studying the history and company culture of Crocs often provides information that may prove advantageous during the interview process.

Draw from Previous Experience

Respond to Crocs interview questions directly and completely to exhibit strong communication skills and increase chances of employment. Interviewees who demonstrate a clear understanding of customer service principles and prior knowledge of the Crocs concept generally enjoy the strongest hiring consideration. If applicable, provide Crocs hiring managers with specific examples of positive situations from previous jobs, including accolades, achievements, promotions, and any other special recognition. Exude confidence and clearly explain how you best meet the hiring requirements of the desired position. Upon completing the Crocs interview process, express appreciation for being considered for the job and find out when to expect word of the final hiring outcome.


  • Shanynrose says:

    If you already wear and love Crocs, put that in the cover letter. WEAR Crocs to the interview. If you can’t afford full-price, there are discounters (Nordstrom Rack, Big Lots) that offer obsolete styles for a LOT less cash. If you have time, you can check eBay or Craig’s List.

    Don’t overdress. Business casual at the MOST; dark jeans (no holes!) and a very nice button-down shirt worked well for me – I got a callback, anyway (cross your fingers for me!)

    Look at all the shoes on the website, or as many as you can stand so you’ll know their product range.

    BE HAPPY!!! And motivated, and easygoing. I don’t think “hardcore competitive” would work very well. There will be “Getting to Know You” questions, so start thinking about answers. Who is your inspiration, what accomplishment are you most proud of, what are your three biggest strengths. Just relax, be friendly, and HAVE FUN.

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