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Present in nine U.S. states and parts of Australia, Crunch Fitness offers employment hunters excellent ways to begin careers in the health and fitness industry. More than 100 locations support thousands of entry-level positions and professional careers around the world.

Facts About Working at Crunch Fitness

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Crunch Fitness?)

Available Positions: Personal Trainer, Crunch Representative, Housekeeper, Membership Service Representative, Member Services Validation Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Membership Advisor, Pilates Instructor, Pilates Reformer Instructor, Staff Accountant

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Crunch Fitness Job Opportunities

A leading company in the membership gym community, the international chain of fitness centers promotes total-inclusion and judgment-free environments. Staff work directly with patrons on a daily basis to assess, supplement, instruct, and encourage healthy lifestyles and habits. The company mission of providing unbiased and positive health and fitness help strictly governs the hiring process. Applicants must possess excellent interpersonal skills, enjoy working directly with people from different walks of life, and exude kind and compassionate yet rigid and guiding personalities.

While some gym facilities focus on serious athletes, Crunch Fitness caters to individuals of varying athletic backgrounds. Patience and persistence rank as highly sought-after characteristics of potential employees. Associates should also work well in loud environments and maintain driven, passionate, and upbeat attitudes at all times. Daily settings include large, open gym floors filled with rows of exercise equipment. Noise pollution may reach disruptive levels during peak business hours, as each location may see hundreds of patrons at a given time.

Crunch Fitness Positions and Pay Scales

The age requirement for working with Crunch Fitness stands at 18 years old. The fitness chain looks to hire individuals with creative mindsets regarding healthy living and exercise. Applicants able to demonstrative positive, outgoing, and imaginative approaches to diet and working out regularly qualify for the following jobs:

Membership Advisor

  • An entry-level position available with the health club chain, membership advisor represents a highly important job title.
  • Workers interact with patrons, explain services, recruit members, and cater to customer needs.
  • Membership advisors typically work in front-desk areas at the head of Crunch Fitness locations.
  • As guest service employees, membership advisors need to possess sound communication and sales skills.
  • Backgrounds in health and fitness, retail, or customer service may prove favorable to hiring personnel.
  • Pay often hovers around $8.00 or $9.00 hourly.

Personal Trainer

  • Applicants in search of highly active jobs should consider personal trainer roles.
  • Each location staffs dozens of personal trainers to provide exercise guidance and instruction, teach classes, and assist in membership sales and community outreach.
  • In addition to vibrant, encouraging, and outside-thinking personalities, personal trainers should possess proper certifications achieved through programs sponsored by accredited organizations like Ace Fitness, American College of Sports Medicine, or National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Experience as a personal trainer may provide additional hiring consideration over other applicants.
  • Personal trainers generally assume varied schedules, often depending on regular clientele.
  • However, full-time personal trainer jobs remain available at most locations.
  • Base salary options for personal trainers begin at $28,000 a year and rise to more than $100,000 annually, based on location and experience.


  • Another entry-level job title, housekeeper involves cleaning and maintaining exercise equipment and facilities.
  • Responsibilities may take place after hours or early in the morning before opening.
  • Housekeepers also carry out duties during hours of operation.
  • Key tasks range from sweeping and mopping floors to cleaning bathrooms, wiping down and organizing exercise equipment, and hanging promotional materials.
  • No real experience proves necessary for the entry-level job; however, maid-industry experience and other relevant backgrounds in cleaning or hospitality may increase odds of employment.
  • Housekeepers typically start out earning minimum wage and receive raises based on performance.

Tips For Applying

The fitness chain favors bright and energetic attitudes over other personality traits. Applicants should prepare hiring materials to company specifications through the careers page on the corporate website; however, preparing for eventual face-to-face interviews with recruitment managers may prove more advantageous. Practice sitting up straight, talking at length about health and fitness, smiling, demonstrating encouraging and motivating characteristics, and showing commitment to the success of the franchise. Crunch Fitness regularly hires from within and uses employee performance as a standard measurement of future growth with the company.

Application Status

Applicants submit resumes through the company careers page to formally declare candidacy for available jobs. In most cases, Crunch Fitness contacts attractive candidates within a few days. Phone calls generally serve as standard methods of contact. The fitness chain also follows up with applicants by email, although not nearly as consistently as contact via telephone. Motivated workers should visit locations in person to further gauge potential work settings and to ask hiring manager directly about the next steps in the employment process. Signs of initiative may lead to preferential treatment during deliberations.

Benefits of Working at Crunch Fitness

Many former and current employees cite extremely close-knit ties with coworkers and patrons. The fun, inclusive work environments often serve as draws to the chain for potential employees. Workers also cite highly comprehensive job benefits packages consisting of:

  • Free gym memberships
  • Medical
  • Dental and vision insurance plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Group life insurance
  • Holiday pay and vacation days, and
  • Special benefits for commuters

Job benefits packages remain available to full-time associates only. Specific work benefits available may vary franchise to franchise.

Further Details on Crunch Fitness

The prominent health and fitness club maintains several major partnerships with other companies in related industries. Partnerships include work with sports teams, trophy and awards manufacturers, spas, and nutritional supplement dealers, including Hercules Trophy, DOTFIT, the Brooklyn Nets, and Bliss. Nearly one dozen partnerships exist between the fitness chain and contributory companies. Employees generally receive discounts of free merchandise/memberships/services through official company partners.

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