Crunch Fitness Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Crunch Fitness

The Crunch Fitness interview process begins with an initial phone screening. Recruitment personnel use the phone interview to review basic tenets of the position desired and company culture, as well as to gauge applicant personalities. Following the introductory interview via telephone, job hopefuls showing promise receive invitations to attend in-person hiring sessions at a club location. Most interviews feature 1:1 formats with a manager. Membership advisors and personal trainers often participate in one or two face-to-face sessions during the interview process. Candidates for management positions may encounter additional rounds of interviewing.

Questions Posed During The Interview

Inquiries typically posed during Crunch Fitness job interviews range in topic from basic motivations to work for the fitness club chain to personal interests in health and wellbeing, certifications, training, and experience. Availability also serves as a common topic of discussion. Interviews may span the length of 20 to 30 minutes and feature facility tours. Interview questions routinely feature prompts like, "Explain your process of evaluating client needs the first few days of a training program," or "How would you upsell a membership to someone on the fence?"

General Hiring Requirements

The fitness club looks for passionate, motivated, and extremely dedicated individuals able to work in team-oriented job settings. Applicants should prove reliable and able to assist in general maintenance and sanitation as needed. Certain positions also require up-to-date CPR and First-Aid certifications for employment consideration. Workers may be subject to drug screening and background checks, as well.


  • joshua says:

    i put a plication roughly about two weeks ago and i have not herd nothing yet? Ithink i have not been on top of it like I should had,… i think if the resume fits my personality and the y see what a energetic young man i am, they’d love to have me…

    Joshua, O

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