Curves Fitness Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Curves

Most trainers and fitness professionals spend a relatively minimal amount of time going through the hiring process at Curves fitness centers. Catering to women, the nationwide chain hires personable individuals able to provide specialized training for females in low-pressure, accommodating settings. The interview process takes roughly three or four days to complete, in most cases. Applicants seeking managerial positions may spend as long as a couple months in interviews to gain hiring consideration. In some cases, workers interview and receive hiring determinations on the same day. Candidates sit face-to-face with hiring managers in very casual settings. A given interview may last as little as 10 minutes.

Certifications And Experience

General, generic conversation regularly dominates the course of dialogue between job hopefuls and hiring personnel. The most common Curves interview questions include: "What hours are you able to work?", "What do you know about our services?", "How would you motivate a discouraged club member?", and "Have you ever worked at a gym in the past?" Interviewers may also examine fitness-industry accreditations, like CPR training and First-Aid certificates, as well as academic qualifications. Most locations look favorably upon individuals officially certified in various health and fitness fields; however, applicants without previous experience or training may still receive hiring consideration for basic associate positions.

Traits That Lead To Success

When attending the Curves interview process, applicants need to behave in candid, positive, and encouraging manners. The ability to motivate others routinely helps applicants receive preferential favor. Interviewers also tend to hire individuals able to work in team or group settings. Dress in appropriate attire for the position desired. Personal trainer applicants may get away with wearing athletic wear to job interviews, while associate employment hopefuls and managers should consider wearing business-professional attire or other office-appropriate clothing.


  • rosa says:

    im going for a second interview at Curves for circuit coach, how should i dress and what should i expect in questions, they said it will take more than an hour

  • JCloutier says:

    I have an interview tomorrow actually. I was told to dress comfortably since I would be not only interviewed, but that I would be working out as well. Thought that was interesting! Can’t wait for the interview!!!

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