CVS Manager

CVS Manager Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties
A CVS manager performs essential administrative and labor management duties in order to ensure efficient day-to-day store operations. Administrative duties a manager performs include filing paper work, budgeting payroll, ordering products and store supplies, and analyzing sales numbers. Labor management duties a CVS manager performs include interviewing potential associates, training new hire employees, creating employee schedules, monitoring team performance, and coaching team members. Managers may also perform customer service duties, such as greeting customers, providing assistance, and completing transactions. A CVS manager must also ensure employees follow all safety and loss prevention guidelines as outlined by the corporate offices.

Salary and Compensation
Pay rates for CVS managers vary depending on experience and location. Average salary for a CVS manager typically falls between $40k and $60k a year. In addition to base pay, managers at CVS may also receive work benefits packages. Job benefits a CVS manager may receive include a 401(k) retirement plan, medical and dental coverage, life insurance, and paid time off.

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