Dave and Buster’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Dave & Buster's

Job seekers hoping to obtain an interview with Dave & Buster's must first complete preliminary hiring requests online. Hiring managers contact applicants via telephone or email to schedule interviews at preferred locations after reviewing employment information. Entry- level applicants sometimes face multiple interviews, but outstanding candidates typically secure employment after a single interview with a hiring representative. Hiring managers use brief interview sessions to gather useful information about candidate employment history, personality, and availability.

Knowing The Brand

Dave & Buster’s interviewers look for personable applicants with friendly and upbeat qualities. Workers field typical inquiries like, “How would you sell a Dave & Buster’s menu item to a guest?”, “What motivates you in life?”, and “Have you ever been let go by another employer?" during the interview. Respond to each interview question by taking a moment to consider answers before replying. Provide customer-oriented responses and demonstrate enthusiasm for working as part of a team. Applicants may want to learn the company's values and menu items prior to the interview process to better reply to each inquiry.

Types Of Interviews To Expect

Managerial or bartender applicants endure multiple lengthy interview sessions with Dave & Buster's hiring representatives. Corporate higher-ups often commence the interview process with phone screenings and move eligible candidates onto 1:1 or panel meetings. Two to three interviews typically prove sufficient for managerial candidates. Hiring staff often hold interviews in succession, allowing candidates to meet with managers back-to-back. Hiring staff pose customer service, loss prevention, and leadership related inquiries for managerial candidates. Responses should pertain to past management experience in the restaurant industry. Bartender applicants usually demonstrate their skills by making several drinks on demand and answering similar inquiries as entry-level candidates.

Securing The Job

The Dave & Buster's hiring process may take as little as a day and as long as two weeks for entry-level applicants. Managerial job hopefuls often experience longer procedural undertakings. Job candidates should dress professionally and appropriately throughout the interview process and arrive on-time for each interview session. Entry-level interviews may end with on-the-spot job offers. Applicants who do not receive immediate access to Dave & Buster's jobs should ask hiring staff when to expect a decision and the preferred method of follow-up. Contact hiring staff at an appropriate time to demonstrate persistence and desire for the job.


  • marion says:

    Anyone applying at a Dave & Busters, here are some tips. I applied online and then received a phone call a few days later to set up an interview. I went into the interview last week. It was kind of ackward the way they set it up. You go into a room and one guy will ask you about 5 questions and then you hear the girl at the receptionist desk saying “SWITCH” (which means the next guy comes in). You get interviewed by the 3 people. I have been going to D & B atleast for the past 30 years, so I know about the place. By the way, GREAT concept!!! Anyways, I don’t think they should have 3 different people interviewing you with a time frame like that, it’s almost impossible to know someone’s personality, job performance. You are already nervous and as soon as you start to feel somewhat comfortable with the first person they’re switching to someone else. They don’t give you a chance to know hardly anything about you. Anyways, some to fhe questions:
    1. How would you make a table feel comfortable? 2. What is something you wanted to always do and haven’t been able to do yet? (like a bucket list) 3. In another job you’ve had, give me an example of putting one of your co-workers before you? 4. What was the worse mistake you made at one your jobs? You answer these questions right away and then it’s SWITCH>

  • Lisa A. Redmon says:

    I am searching for part-time employment

  • Riah says:

    what happens if you miss the call? how do you call them back?

  • matthew says:

    Does Dave & Buster’s drug test?

  • matt says:

    Yes D&B does do drug testing.

    Fill out the online application and then stop by the store you applied to the next day.

    Interview went quickly and smoothly. Was asked if I could train other employees, how I felt customers should be approached, what my favorite drink to make was, and then was asked to make2 drinks. After this I met with the general manager and went through basically the same thing. After which I was given a tour and offered the position. They send you an email telling you to fill out the rest of the paperwork and then boom you’re done. 

  • Manny says:

    Does Dave and busters do back ground checks??

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