DaVita Interview Questions & Tips

The Hiring Process

As a leader in the kidney-care industry, DaVita screens for experienced and hard-working associates through a multi-faceted interview process. Company recruiters review applicant information and generally contact candidates with the proper qualifications a week or two after receiving hiring requests. Most associates cite an introductory phone screening, several interviews with different company officials, and job shadowing for some positions during the hiring process. Applicants who make it through each stage usually undergo background checks and drug tests prior to beginning work with the national kidney-care chain.

How to Get a Job at DaVita

Preparation plays a huge role in increasing chances of employment with DaVita. Hiring managers often ask situational and technical questions regarding routine treatment and procedures, potential emergencies, and communication abilities. Applicants who put thought toward possible interview questions and recall helpful examples from prior experience typically outperform less prepared candidates. Additional preparation ideas include researching company history, work culture, and values. Hiring managers often appreciate applicants who attend the interview with a working knowledge of the job title and establishment. Select or purchase an outfit that displays a level of professionalism consistent with industry standards. Plan to arrive several minutes prior to the scheduled interview time to calm nerves and become familiar with the environment.

Asking and Answering Questions

In addition to behavioral and technical questions, interviewees may respond to inquiries like, "Tell me about yourself?” and "Why do you want to leave your current employer?" Formulate several questions to ask the interviewer if given the opportunity. Remain calm and relaxed throughout DaVita interviews and demonstrate confidence in responses. At the end of the interview, express appreciation for the interviewer's time.


  • Kierra says:

    They are willing to train the right candidate for the PCT experience, you just need your CPR certification and express why you are interested in working with dialysis patients. You also have to have time management skills and conflict resolution skills for when patients are having a rough day (ther can become a bit stubborn).

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