Del Taco Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Del Taco

Famous across the West Coast, Del Taco fast food restaurants specialize in Mexican-inspired foods like tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. More than 500 establishments are maintained by a team of cooks, team members, and shift supervisors who provide exceptional service every day. Based on experience, attitude, or work ethic, fast food job seekers may join the company workforce. In order to gain employment, completing company job interview is the most important step.

Navigating the Interview Process

Job hopefuls with Del Taco must submit several employment forms and other hiring materials to begin the interview process. This usually consists of a personal resume with contact information, employment history, education, and job skills. This resume will be instrumental later in the interview. Initially, applicants participate in a question and answer session with the store manager. Depending on the desired position, candidates may undergo 1-2 interviews with the company, which include training videos, skills test, and even a drug screening.

Answering Questions

Interview questions mainly revolve around proper customer service and support. Expect to hear phrases like: "Are you available to work on nights and weekends?" and "How long do you plan to work here?" Interviews will also cover aspects of working for Del Taco, such as physical requirements, social skills needed, and the attitude desired by the company. Applicants should use their resume to help answer questions, pulling from previous experience when necessary. Above all, answers should display good judgment and character conducive to a customer service setting.


  • Salina Briones says:

    Eddie first impressions are everything! Look presentable and neat. Be prepared and communicate really well such as eye contact and good posture. Answer the following questions in the interview with confidence and truthfully.

  • Mariana says:

    So I applied at del taco maybe 2 weeks ago and I called after I put in an application and the manager told me to come in for an interview on Saturday. And he said he would call me back Tuesday and he didn’t so I called him he said there is other people he is considering and on Thursday I called him and he said he still hasn’t made up his mind. So the next week on Tuesday (today) I called and he said that he would like to hire me but as a cook and told me to call him back Thursday in the morning. So I don’t know if I got the job or not… Hopefully that’s a big sign that I do (:

    But in the interview he asked me:
    How old I am
    Do I know how to cook/clean
    Am I nice
    And can I work nights/weekends

    • Frankie says:

      Do you know the app you had to download ?

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