Delmarva Power Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Delmarva Power

Formally known as Delmarva Power & Light Company, regional utility firm Delmarva provides thousands of job opportunities across a service area including three U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The expanse of electrical services facilitates the continual hiring of motivated individuals to take on a variety of responsibilities ranging from customer service to installation, dispatch, and management. The hiring process usually features one or two personal meetings with managers and prospective employees.

What To Submit For Consideration

Applicants submit employment materials to a local branch online or in-person and await instructions to schedule job interviews. Most workers receive contact by phone to schedule recruitment meetings. The interviews generally take place onsite and feature question-and-answer sessions revolving around both related and highly specific job skills, academic certifications, and personality traits, although most entry-level jobs impose no formal education qualifications.

Answering Interview Questions To Stand Out

The power company provides many avenues for workers to find employment in administrative positions. Available jobs include account coordinating, compliance analyst, and customer service call center positions. Applicants must possess exceptional communication and organization skills in order to assume administrative positions available. During the Delmarva hiring process, applicants respond to questions touching on abilities in interpersonal communication. Examples of common interview questions may include, "Are you able to meet deadlines in appropriate fashion; can you give us an example?" or "Say you have an issue with a driver who hasn't received his orders yet but is already dispatched; how do you remedy the situation?" Promptness serves as a desirable trait. Applicants who exercise excellent critical-thinking skills often receive additional hiring consideration, as well.

Additional Expectations and Preparation

The Delmarva interview process usually takes a week or two to complete for basic, entry-level positions and may take up to two or three months to complete for more technical positions and managerial jobs. Panel reviews often take place with regularity, which sometimes feature up to three supervisors or HR representatives. Applicants need to wear professional dress at all times throughout the hiring process. For more technical jobs, employment hunters should demonstrate knowledge of related fields and provide documentation of any certifications necessary to perform the desired positions. Many utility industry jobs require specific licensure to gain hire. Drug screening and the ability to pass background checks looking back as many as seven years also prove necessary.

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