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Delta Airlines operates as one of the largest passenger airlines in the world. With a fleet size of nearly 750 aircraft serving over 90 million passengers annually, the major airline offers thousands of daily flights to roughly 250 destinations and continuously hires on new help to maintain operations.

Facts About Working at Delta Airlines

Minimum Age to Work at Delta Airlines: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Delta Airlines?)

Delta Airlines Hours of Operation: Hours vary by position and airport

Available Positions at Delta Airlines: Airport Customer Service-Ticketing/Gate Agent, Baggage Handler/Ramp Operations Agent, Reservation Sales Agent, Administrative Assistant, Manager, Maintenance Mechanic, Cargo Agent, Flight Attendant, Flight Crew Member, Pilot

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Delta Air Lines Job Opportunities

The major carrier boasts a history of outstanding service dating back to the 1920s. In the years since inception, Delta continues to rank as a reputed airline. Entry-level job seekers and professional career hunters alike find growing opportunities with the airline. Work available includes various positions in customer service, like flight attendant, ticket agent, and ramp agent, as well as grounds crew, maintenance, and careers in aircraft operations. Most jobs require extensive onboarding and backgrounds in aviation or customer service in a related field. The high demands of the airline industry require workers possess the ability to travel or relocate frequently, as well.

Applicants must pass through rigorous hiring procedures in order to gain security clearances and full understandings of expectations involved with positions desired. Delta trains employees continuously and offers updated training programs for workers to hone both newly acquired and undeveloped skills in customer relations, sales, emergency services, and standard protocol. As a global company, applicants may begin exciting careers in the far reaches of the world featuring outstanding pay and benefits in addition to ongoing training. Contact a local hub or submit an application online for more details on available jobs.

Delta Positions and Pay Scales

Due to the nature of most airline jobs, Delta requires applicants to stand at least 18 at time of hire. Additional requirements, such as certifications and training, also prove necessary for most opportunities but generally vary by position. The major airline regularly conducts hiring for the following job titles:

In-Flight Services – Positions falling under the category of in-flight services usually include flight attendant jobs as well as other customer service-oriented opportunities. Applicants looking for work as flight attendants or other in-flight services crews must possess high school diplomas and authorization to work in the United States. Workers must also stand 21 and over to gain employment as flight attendants; however, some in-flight crew jobs may only require applicants meet the age of 18 for consideration. Many positions require specific language abilities for hiring consideration, as well. In-flight crew members see to guest satisfaction and cater to requests onboard aircraft. Employees must pay close attention to passenger needs at all times. Professional dress and appearances also play factors in ultimate hiring decisions. In-flight crew on average earn $30,000 to $40,000 at start and up to $90,000 or more per year in annual salary options with rank and tenure.

Ticketing/Gate Agent – An entry-level position, ticketing/gate agent mainly demands excellent communication and verbal reasoning skills. Applicants need high school diplomas and legal ability to work in the U.S. Specific job duties for the position include checking passengers and luggage, issuing boarding passes, directing customers to appropriate gates, and answering questions about policies, procedures, destinations, and flights. Extroverted, personable, and charismatic individuals make for great ticketing/gate agents. Proficient English and bilingual abilities also prove advantageous for aspiring employees. Many ticketing/gate agent associates begin at minimum wage starting pay and move into higher hourly pay scales in excess of $15.00 to $16.00 over time.

Baggage Handler – With thousands of flights each day, Delta routinely needs to hire on baggage handlers to transport luggage from aircraft to airport terminals. Individuals must possess the ability to lift heavy objects and perform manual labor daily. Lifting 70lbs. or more at a time occurs as a routine task for baggage handlers. Applicants must possess legal authorization to work in the U.S., which includes domestic residence for a minimum of five years. Baggage handlers must also possess flexible schedules, as most new-hires and even tenured employees in the position work varied hours across nights, weekends, and holidays. Average pay for baggage handlers falls around $11.00 to $12.00 per hour.

Tips For Applying

Exercising patience and persistence pays off for prospective Delta Airlines employees. Applicants generally face multiple rounds of interviews and personality screenings before officially gaining employment. Complete each phase of the hiring process as thorough as possible and maintain a genuine, professional attitude through all steps. Candidates should possess all necessary certifications and paperwork for desired positions prior to submitting hiring forms. Inclusion of resumes and cover letters often aid individuals looking for work in highly technical jobs or positions aboard aircraft, such as in-flight crew or pilot opportunities.

Application Status

Applicants may access the status of applications by contacting the airline recruitment managers in charge of onboarding at local hubs and with the company corporate offices. Hiring determinations generally take several weeks to pan out for most jobs. Applicants usually receive news of official hiring via telephone days or weeks after completing all stages of the interview process, although some workers may receive job offers during the final interview. Maintaining regular contact with the airline during the interview process shows a genuine interest in working for the company. Making follow-up calls within a week of completing each stage to inquire about the next step remains perfectly acceptable for Delta jobs. Applicants may also maintain correspondence through email. Both methods prove successful.

Benefits of Working at Delta

Discounted travel represents the most accessible job benefits provided to eligible associates. Travel benefits extend to spouses, parents, dependents, and same-sex partners. Workers also enjoy medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans, 401(k) retirement plans, employee profit sharing programs, paid vacation, and adoption assistance opportunities.

More Information on Delta

Social efforts to reduce environmental impacts caused by air travel led the major airline to partner with The Conservation Fund. Plane emissions represent an extreme detriment to the overall health of the planet. Delta offsets the environmental impact of aircraft emissions by assisting in the planting of trees via The Conservation Fund “Go Zero” program. The initiative raises awareness of environmental impacts caused by carbon emissions and organizes movements to plant trees in designated restoration locations around the world.

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    Yes. I worked as a customer service representative, and gate agent in Austin and LOVED MY JOB AND THEY LOVED ME.


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