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Hiring process information for an interview at Delta Airlines

How to Get a Job at Delta Air Lines

Close to 80,000 Delta Air Lines employees help conduct more than 5,000 flights daily. With such a large workforce, the airline maintains a streamlined application and interview process. Like many major airlines, applicants must complete an online job application. Prospective workers may list eligibility requirements and jobs skills suitable for the position to increase hiring chances. After submitting all of the necessary hiring materials, applicants may receive contact from the company trying to set up a job interview. Anyone serious about employment should thoroughly prepare for the interview./p>

Different Interviews for Different Roles

Interview format with Delta Air Lines depends on the desired position. For example, flight attendant and in-flight service jobs require multiple interviews and assessments. Conversely, corporate and customer service careers carry less stringent interviews. Due to the amount of security surrounding airline jobs, some applicants must participate in background and legal investigations. Before heading into the job interview, applicants should perform some independent research on the company, such as history and worldwide destinations. The interview may uncover additional information regarding corporate structure, career growth, work environment, and job capabilities.

What Does the Airline Look For?

Working for Delta Air Lines may seem both familiar and foreign at the same time. While many jobs rely heavily on customer service, some responsibilities may be exclusive to the airline industry. The interview typically attempts to find individuals who may excel at performing the required duties. Questions frequently delve into an applicant's background, such as education, employment, criminal history, and training. Additionally, hiring managers also look for desirable skills and attitudes that fit within the company culture. A willingness and capability to learn on the job may be equally important as the current range of skills. Each question should be treated with honesty and confidence, as each employee represents the company's reputation.

Proper Preparation

Delta Air Lines applicants must treat every interview session with professionalism. Things like dressing in proper attire may considerably increase a job seeker's standing with the company. Since most employees already follow a clean-cut image, interviewees should follow a similar look during the interview process. Above all, continued communication must be maintained. As one of the biggest airline providers in the world, new jobs consistently open with the airline, and previous applicants that didn't quite fit in at the time may be looked at again for future vacancies.

8 user comments:

  1. Patrick Burel

    I have an 11th grade education.

    Am I qualified to work ground crew?

  2. Brooke

    Can someone please tell me how I can get my application in the hands of a Delta Airline recruiter so that I can be seriously considered for a flight attendant position? The Delta Airline main site will not allow you to apply for that position unless you speak one of serveral other languages.
    The DGS Delta site will not allow me to submit my application.So I am feeling at loss as to how one can get through in order to apply.

    Please let me know if ANYONE out there can help me,I have tried for 5 days straight every site I could find .
    my email is:

  3. Sandra

    I’m a 58 year old female capable of holding down a job very well. Being trying with Delta Airlines for three years now. I’ve put in several application for jobs I know I can do, and those I know hardly anything about. If only I’m given the opportunity.I’m being told if I don’t know someone that works for this company, my chances are very slim with getting hired with Delta Airlines. I’m just asking for my opportunity. Does a job has to with my age.

  4. Monica

    I am a High school graduate. i am capable on any jobs. I want to have the opportunity to experience. I would really love to be a flight attendant. If anyone can just help me get to a person who works for Delta Airlines, so I can work for your company.

  5. Jean Marie Schwingle

    Since I was 7 years old, I always wanted to be a flight attendant. Now I truly believe, I have the skills to do the job very well. I’d just love the opportunity.

  6. colleen sullivan

    ihave completed high school and also travel tourism course completed.11 years in the retail industry,would really like an opportunity in the airline industry;Colleen

  7. Daniel

    Hi i want to get a job in Puerto Rico. how do i know or how do i apply for a baggage handler or ramp operations job?

  8. mostafa dehghani

    I really want the opportunity to join the Delta Airline team as a Aviation Maintenance Mechanic .I am working about 6 years in mahan airlines (iran) & now my possion is flight mechanic, I would love the opportunity to travel U.S. and Internationally if given the opportunity Although English is my only current fluent spoken laguage, i have very experience on airbus 300-600 &310 and boing 747-300 and i have type these a/c. Im a hard worker, Team worker, and dedicated to my work..
    I’m able to work any day of the week holiday to work for this company.
    Tank you


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