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Department Store Jobs: With more than 4.5 million retail employees across the nation, approximately 20-percent work within department store facilities, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of the total, the majority work as salespersons. Job duties often include selling goods, helping customers locate and select items, taking payments, and stocking shelves. No formal education proves necessary for job placement, and age restrictions often vary by business and state. Full-time positions exist within department stores, but one in three retail workers take on part-time hours.

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Position Overview: Selling various goods under one establishment, sales associates often receive designation to certain departments within the stores, such as clothing, home furnishings, jewelry, and cosmetics. Upon hire, most employees must complete a training period. On-the-job exposure and mentoring could last from a couple days to a few months and often pairs with differing rates of pay. Retail salespersons receive a median hourly wage of about $10.00, but pay may depend on commission opportunities and the status of the department store. Store managers and department supervisors often receive higher salary packages and benefits.

Qualifications: Department stores serve varying customers and budgets. Often, jobs within stores like JCPenney and Sears become easily accessible, while businesses such as Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom may perform careful employee selection. Extensive sales experience sometimes proves necessary to gain hire at upscale venues. Employment at pricier department stores does stand preferential, as positions often include commission-based pay. Persuasive, interpersonal skills often assist job hopefuls in landing sales roles. Hiring managers may also provide preference toward applicants offering flexible availability, including evening, weekend, and holiday scheduling options.

Application Process: Job application forms often stand accessible on department store websites. Some stores may instead require job hopefuls to apply in person at the location of desired hire. Face-to-face interviews with hiring personnel seem standard as part of the employment process. During meetings, candidates should dress professionally and display personable, confident attitudes. Follow-up inquiries about the statuses of outstanding job applications may also benefit workers looking to start a position with a department store.

If you want to know what kind of pay to expect for a specific department store job, check out our Department Store Salaries & Pay information page.

Department Store Job Descriptions

manager | customer service rep | sales associate | greeter | receiver

Department Manager Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Department Manager?
Department manager jobs tend to exist in large discount retail and department stores. Typical job duties include hiring and training new employees, delegating work, answering questions about products, services, and merchandise, setting schedules, and assisting store managers in carrying out administrative tasks. Administrative job duties may include answering telephones and filing paperwork. Department manager positions generally involve oral instruction and hands-on training taking place over the course of a few days and up to a week.

Most department manager jobs require working knowledge of products or services sold. Department stores, like Best Buy and HH Gregg, may require specific understanding of electronics, while other department stores, like JCPenney and Marshalls, may expect department managers to possess familiarity with products, such as clothes, fragrances, shoes, and other fashion accessories. Department managers work directly with both entry-level employees and customers. Strong interpersonal, motivational, and leadership skills typically make up an ideal candidate. Flexibility and a professional attitude toward work also benefit job seekers looking for retail management positions.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Department Manager Job?
Qualifications for department management jobs vary depending on employer and department. Most department stores require prior experience in retail or management. Additionally, most retail stores only hire workers 18 and over to fill management positions. Experience with a potential employer may serve beneficial during the hiring process. Other qualifications may include a high school diploma or a four-year degree in a related field.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Department Manager Make?
The average workday of a retail department manager consists of an eight-hour shift. Department managers typically work full-time, but shifts may vary based on need and availability. Starting pay for the average department manager falls around $11.00 per hour. More experienced department managers may earn wages in excess of $30.00 per hour. Overall, the average salary for a retail department manager rests at $35,000 per year. Depending on the retail store, department managers generally receive employment benefits, including 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare coverage, paid time off, and employee discounts.

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Customer Service Representative Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Customer Service Representative?
In one of the largest job fields in the United States, customer service representatives interface with customers and provide a variety of services. Customer service representatives answer questions about products, services, and policy and generally carry the responsibility of resolving any problems with merchandise. Inquiries may range from prices and available products to shipping and return policy. Customer service representative jobs typically involve answering the telephone and using cash registers, depending on the specific retail store. Working conditions generally consist of a retail setting, such as a shopping mall outlet or department store. Customer service associates oftentimes work alone or carry out individual tasks.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Customer Service Representative Job?
Many retail stores require customer service representatives to hold at least a high school diploma; however, some companies may not require any educational qualifications. Depending on the store, candidates must usually be at least 16 or 18 years of age. Specific characteristics most employers look for in a quality customer service representative include strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. Workers must remain professional at all times and demonstrate a firm command of store policy. Customer services associates typically receive paid training. Other qualifications include working knowledge of computers and basic software.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Customer Service Representative Make?
Customer service representative salary options and employee benefits vary by store location. Average pay for customer service associates starts around minimum wage and tops out over $20.00 an hour. The average overall pay for customer service representatives rests at roughly $11.00 an hour or $23,000 per year. More experienced customer service representatives may earn salaries in excess of $40,000 per year. The metropolitan areas of New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA, historically offer customer service representatives the highest wages.

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Sales Associate Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Store Sales Associate?
Sales associates may go by a number of job titles, such as brand representative, retail salesperson, customer service cashier, customer experience associate, customer services agent, and retail associate. In addition to having many names, retail sales associates carry many responsibilities. Largely, retail sales associates work to assist customers in making purchases. At large stores with numerous employees, retail sales associates may greet customer, answer questions, direct customers to merchandise, recommend products, stock shelves, and maintain store cleanliness. At other stores, retail sales associates may perform additional duties, such as completing transactions, processing returns, performing inventory functions, and wrapping gifts. Regardless of employer, retail sales associates depend on product knowledge and memorization. Paid training sessions provide an introduction to store policy and job duties at most retail stores.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Sales Associate Job?
Though job duties may vary, desirable qualities in a retail sales associate typically remain the same. Key qualities found in a successful brand representative include friendliness, a positive attitude, and the ability to work within a team. A customer experience associate must also communicate efficiently with customers, store management, and other coworkers. Additional job qualifications include basic computer skills, the ability to stand for extended periods of time, and problem solving skills. Most employers set the age requirement for retail sales associates at 16 years old. Employers typically favor hiring prospective employees with the ability to work various hours and days, such as nights, weekends, and holidays.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Store Sales Associate Make?
The average starting pay for a retail sales associate ranges from $7.25 to about $9.00 an hour. Some retail sales associates may earn up to $15.00 an hour, depending on experience, employer, location, and performance record. States with higher minimum wage requirements than the federal rate yield higher compensation rates. Sales associates in Washington, Colorado, Connecticut, North Dakota and the District of Columbia earn average wages of about $13.00 an hour. Overall, the average hourly rate of a retail salesperson stands at about $10.00 an hour.

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Cashier Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Cashier?
Retail cashiers perform an assortment of job duties, and responsibilities may vary by employer. Variability aside, ringing out customer purchases remains the most basic cashier job duty. At larger stores with many employees, cashiers may work exclusively at cash registers. At other stores, cashiers may process returns, answer phones, wrap gifts, bag purchases, and perform a number of other customer service tasks. Regardless of employer, cashier jobs depend on basic knowledge and memorization. Cashiers should become familiar with the store return policy, prices, and which credit cards to accept. Paid training sessions provide an introduction to job duties and store practices at most retailers.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Cashier Job?
During stressful situations and busy holiday shopping seasons, cashiers must remain calm and polite to all customers. Customer service experience builds relationship and problem solving skills, both helpful traits in any job search. Other than a friendly disposition and basic math skills, most stores only require cashier job candidates to meet a minimum age requirement of 16 years old to work. Cashiers should also have some familiarity with computers and technology, since many point-of-sale systems operate on computer software.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Cashier Make?
The average starting pay for a retail cashier rests between minimum wage and $8.50 per hour. Depending on employer and location, experienced cashiers may earn as much as $15.00 an hour. Many states demand higher minimum wages than the federal rate; therefore, retail cashiers in states, such as Washington, Alaska, California, and Oregon, earn average wages over $11.00 per hour. Overall, the average hourly rate for a retail cashier stands at about $9.50 an hour.

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Store Greeter Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Store Greeter?
Retail store greeters serve as the first point of contact for customers entering a retail store. Many stores hire greeters during the busy holiday season. Larger stores, such as Lowe’s and Walmart, employ greeters all year long. Retailers like Aéropostale tend to assign sales associates to greeter jobs certain days out of the week. Specific job duties for greeters consist of welcoming guests into the store, answering basic customer questions, and directing customers to desired areas. Additional responsibilities may include handing out flyers, answering phones, paging associates, and checking customer bags. Greeters should also know all current in-store promotions and deals.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Greeter Job?
In jobs involving constant customer interaction, greeters must display friendliness, professionalism, and politeness at all times. Store greeters should also exhibit effective verbal communication skills. Additionally, a store greeter must possess the ability to stand for long periods of time. Most retail stores set the minimum age requirement for greeters at 16 years old. Entry-level greeter positions do not typically require previous retail experience. Employers usually do not look for education certifications, though companies may require greeters to possess basic reading and mathematics skills.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Greeter Make?
The average starting pay for a store greeter ranges from $7.50 to $9.00 an hour. Depending on location and duration with the company, retail store greeters may earn as much as $15.00 per hour. In states with higher minimum wage requirements, greeters typically earn higher wages. Overall, retail store greeters earn an average of $9.00 an hour.

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Retail Store Receiver

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Receiver?
Sometimes called a receiving agent or receiving clerk, a receiver works in the shipping and receiving department of a retail store. Receiving jobs involve accepting, signing for, and keeping records of deliveries as well as organizing merchandise. Reporting to the receiving supervisor or assistant manager, a receiving agent keeps track of incoming and outgoing shipments and submits records or reports on this activity.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Receiver Job?
In most cases, there are no educational requirements for becoming a receiver. Most retailers call for applicants to be 18 or older but rarely require a high school diploma. Ideal candidates must possess a general level of physical fitness and strength necessary to perform specific job duties. Physical requirements of receivers generally include the ability to stand for the duration of a shift and lift up to 50 pounds. In entry-level positions, receiving associates need no previous work experience for employment consideration. Most retail stores provide receiving workers training programs to introduce job functions and store policy. Some basic computer familiarity may be necessary to keep records of shipments.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Receiver Make?
The typical receiving associate earns a salary of roughly $27,000 per year. Hourly receivers tend to make between $9 and $13 an hour, depending on work experience, location, and employer. Store receivers may receive employee benefits packages, including healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, and store discounts on products and services.

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