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One of the 25 largest employers in the Greater St. Louis Area, Dierbergs maintains a staff of more than 4,000 workers by continuously hiring to replace departing associates and fill newly created jobs. The regional chain of supermarkets provides job seekers in Missouri and Illinois with frequent opportunities for employment in the grocery retail industry. Potential employees earn hiring consideration by applying online for Dierbergs jobs. Jobs available range from entry-level positions to management careers, which the Missouri-based grocery store chain provides in ideal settings for applicants with any amount of work experience to gain meaningful employment.

Facts About Working at Dierbergs

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Dierbergs?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Deli and Seafood Clerk, Maintenance Technician, Stock Clerk, Salad Bar Clerk, Production Associate, Loss Prevention Associate, Courtesy Clerk, Bagger, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Meat Cutter, Meat Wrapper, Meat Clerk, Meat Manager, Training Representative, Accounts Payable Clerk, Sanitation Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Dierbergs Employment Prospects

Dierbergs hires workers focused on providing exceptional customer service in order to create an unparalleled shopping experience. In addition to hiring for typical grocery store jobs, like checker and bagger, store locations need associates with specialized knowledge and skills in fields like floral service, pharmacy and wellness, and cooking. The supermarket chain also offers entry-level and managerial employment opportunities within a wide range of grocery store departments, including meat, produce, bakery, and video. Job seekers preferring to work mostly behind the scenes may take an interest in stock clerk and receiving positions.

Applicants with extensive grocery retail experience, particularly in leadership roles, should consider career opportunities in supermarket management. Combining entry-level customer service duties with additional supervisory and administrative responsibilities, managerial jobs available at Dierbergs often come with full-time hours and employment benefits packages. The longstanding chain of grocery stores provides frequent opportunities for professional growth, with entry-level associates regularly gaining the work experience to qualify for more advanced positions. In addition to traditional supermarket job titles, Dierbergs hires for vacancies at satellite facilities, like central kitchens and distribution centers.

Dierbergs Job Opportunities and Salary Options

The range and type of responsibilities attached to Dierbergs jobs necessitate the enforcement of minimum hiring ages resting at either 16 or 18, in most cases. Regardless of age, applicants for all available positions must possess flexible schedule availability and the ability to comply with a dress code forbidding beards, piercings, and visible tattoos. Candidates applying for positions involving the handling of food must also become vaccinated from certain diseases before starting work. The following list includes job titles commonly available at Dierbergs grocery stores:


  • Essential responsibilities of checker jobs include entry-level duties like electronically scanning purchases, operating cash registers, securing payments, and bagging merchandise as needed.
  • Checkers also keep checkout aisles clean and well-stocked in addition to furnishing shoppers with information regarding Dierbergs products, promotions, and services.
  • Associates in checker positions often work together with entry-level courtesy clerks in charge of bagging groceries and providing other forms of assistance for customers.
  • Checkers and courtesy clerks earn hourly pay typically ranging from minimum wage to $8.00.

Production Associate

  • Another entry-level position, production associate jobs entail the preparation of the fresh, prepackaged foods available at Dierbergs grocery stores.
  • Production associates work in kitchen environments and operate standard cooking equipment, divide finished products into predetermined portions, package and label food items, and ensure compliance with quality control standards.
  • Additional job duties include receiving product deliveries, stocking and maintaining inventory, and keeping work areas clean and safe.
  • The receiving and stocking of inventory requires production associates to have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds as well as bend, reach, stoop, and squat as main means of performing job duties.
  • Overtime hours also make up a prominent component of production associate jobs.
  • Pay scales for the entry-level positions normally rest between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour.


  • Large supermarkets like Dierbergs usually hire teams of managers to oversee each level of grocery store operations.
  • Managers collectively execute a comprehensive range of tasks generally including forecasting sales and budgeting expenses, working with suppliers, hiring and motivating entry-level workers, maintaining the cleanliness and organization of supermarket sales floors, and enforcing store policies and procedures.
  • Careers in supermarket management also involve an assortment of administrative responsibilities, such as coordinating payroll, tracking and ordering inventory, and setting employee work schedules.
  • Additionally, managers work to ensure total customer satisfaction and must possess the ability to communicate effectively with others.
  • Previous management experience and advanced levels of education often rank among the most significant qualifications needed to earn hiring consideration for managerial jobs.
  • Prospective managers also need the ability to work evenings and weekends as necessary.
  • Varying according to experience and job title, salary options for managers commonly range from about $30,000 to $60,000 or more per year.

Tips For Applying

Routinely seeking helpful and friendly individuals, Dierbergs remains committed to finding talented people interested in the grocery store industry. Candidates may opt to submit online applications through an easy-to-follow career network or physically take in paper submissions to the nearest locations. Ideal aspirants maintain open availability for evening, weekend, and holiday shifts, reliable transportation, and previous experience in customer service. Upbeat, personable applicants tend to impress hiring managers due to the customer-focused natures of most opportunities. When filling out forms either online or in person, applicants should demonstrate outgoing attitudes, strong work ethics, and dedication to the community and helping businesses.

Application Status

Recruiters scan submissions for relevancy and potential fit for the company once application forms enter the hiring process. Job seekers typically receive notifications from hiring managers within a few days to a week, depending on the urgency to fill openings. Individuals seeking updates on the statuses of submitted applications should contact locations through phone or in-person visits. Contenders must dress appropriately, talk politely, and arrive during slower business hours to avoid rushes of customers. With frequent openings, prospective employees may choose to reapply in the future, if not immediately, for selected positions of interest.

Benefits of Working at Dierbergs

Opportunities for career advancement serve as just one of several employment benefits included with Dierbergs jobs. The grocery retailer enables professional advancement by providing full on-job training to new workers and maintaining a Career Development Center (CDC) to benefit associates seeking promotions to management positions. Other employee benefits include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Friendly and respectful work environments
  • Weekly paychecks, and
  • Regular pay raises

Available job benefits typically increase in variety and scale as entry-level employees advance into management careers, such as 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and healthcare coverage.

More Information on Dierbergs

With origins dating back to 1854, Dierbergs oversees an established network of more than 20 supermarkets predominantly located in Missouri. Over the years, the family-owned chain of grocery stores introduced numerous convenient services and continues to serve customers in new and unique ways. Shoppers can take advantage of the Groceries to Go program, which allows for the home delivery of merchandise ordered online. Dierbergs also maintains in-store schools offering various cooking classes for adults and children alike. The regional grocery retailer even offers mammograms performed onsite in digital mammography vans affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

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