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Diesel operates as a popular fashion designer and retailer for men, women, and children. The grunge-contemporary styles sold by the chain enjoy widespread popularity. Job prospects exist throughout much of the world, including dozens of North American locations hiring consistently.

Facts About Working at Diesel

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Diesel?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Manager Trainee

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Job Outlook at Diesel

The clothing and accessories sold through company retail locations require fashionable and extroverted personalities. Employees work directly with the general public and assist in sales. Diesel retail stores include trendy, modern settings geared toward unorthodox styles. Workers with flair for contemporary fashion retail, including popular fabrics used and prominent seasonal looks, gain hiring consideration over other applicants, in most cases. Job seekers should also possess solid physical stamina to move merchandise pallets and arrange displays when needed.

Diesel stores primarily operate in densely populated metropolitan areas and surrounding suburbs. The most common locations for storefronts include busy shopping malls or other prominent shopping centers. Direct access to regular foot traffic and central locations in major shopping districts spur thousands of annual patrons to each store, which require dedicated teams to keep up with customer demands, employee turnover, and expansion into new markets. Most jobs available include part-time, entry-level sales and cashiering positions. Motivated workers may also take interest in career opportunities in management.

Diesel Employment and Pay Scales

Applicants typically find two distinct types of positions available: sales associate jobs and managerial careers. Minimum hiring requirements for both position classes include meeting the age of 18 and holding high school diplomas or GEDs. The chain offers paid training and competitive salary options upon hire. Additional opportunities for career advancement remain available regardless of position. Workers regularly gain hiring consideration for the following jobs:

Sales Associate

  • The entry-level job title of sales associates serves both customer service and stock functions.
  • Applicants must stand in good physical health and possess general knowledge of the fashion retail industry and trends in order to gain employment.
  • Individuals who enjoy engaging others one-on-one and recommending styles represent ideal candidates for sales associate jobs.
  • Some previous experience may laud applicants over other workers; however, many locations place no formal requirements on previous work histories.
  • A typical sales associate works alongside five to ten other sales associates in part-time shifts.
  • The Italian fashion house pays sales associates between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour.


  • Store managers must feel comfortable supervising others and maintaining pivotal functions at retail locations.
  • Job duties routinely include hiring and training new employees, enforcing policies and procedures, designing merchandise displays, compiling sales figures to report to the company corporate offices, and assisting in sales, cashiering, and stock, when needed.
  • Previous experience in retail and leadership rank highly among desirable traits.
  • Workers must also demonstrate knowledge of the fashion industry and current trends.
  • Managers often start out as assistant managers or supervisors and work into store manager jobs.
  • Assistant managers often work both part-time and full-time schedules, while store manager positions traditionally offer full-time, 40-hour work weeks.
  • Pay scales sit around $30,000 annually for assistant managers.
  • Salary options rise to more than $60,000 a year for store managers.

Tips For Applying

In order to apply for retail jobs with the fashion chain, employment hopefuls must personally submit complete forms to desired locations. The online application process remains available for internship candidates and individuals seeking corporate careers in design, merchandising, IT, and logistics among other professional fields. Entry-level applicants pick up hiring materials at preferred stores, complete the information required, and turn the forms back into the same storefront. Dress well and in Diesel designer clothing, if possible. Professional yet trendy appearances often assist candidates in showing contemporary knowledge of fashion.

Application Status

The hiring process for entry-level jobs typically takes only a few days to complete. Applicants in search of managerial careers may spend up to a week or two passing through the necessary phases for employment. After visiting stores in person to submit hiring forms, applicants typically receive callbacks in as little as a few hours. Some stores may even interview job seekers on the spot. For workers made to wait for phone calls, simple follow ups often increase odds of hire. Contact hiring personnel by phone or email to inquire about potential jobs in the downtime. Use of personal visits to store locations may also increase candidate chances and offer additional opportunities to speak with managers one-on-one.

Benefits of Working at Diesel

Diesel offers employees unique, dynamic, and rewarding work environments. The fashion house regularly holds contests to motivate managers and associates to perform at high levels. Workers also enjoy company parties and other team-building events designed to promote comradery. Eligible employees qualify for healthcare options, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off, as well. The chain also offers merchandise discounts, flexible scheduling, and career growth potential. Most eligibility requirements revolve around attaining full-time status.

More Details about Diesel

The merchandise sold at Diesel stores extends beyond clothing and traditional accessories. Customers may also purchase items as part of the Diesel Lifestyle line, which includes unique product lines featuring the company signature style. Some of the more unique items sold in the Lifestyle line include motorcycle helmets, desk lamps, and headphones. The Lifestyle line primarily sells online; however, customers may purchase some of the items in store at select locations.


  • Johannes Ramphomane says:

    I worked for diesel outlet in Newtown Junction as an assistant manager under footwear trading.Conducting good customer service,merchandising the store,staff roaster,administration of daily reckons and banking.
    Receiving stock and sending stock out to other stores.Selling diesel apparel and diesel footwear.

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