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Dillons operates as an extension of nationwide grocery store proprietor Kroger Co. The sizable subsidiary maintains operations throughout the American Midwest. Applicants in search of work with the supermarket may find available jobs in stores across the region. Each location offers wide ranging departments, which require dozens of staff to work efficiently, including managers, supervisors, and entry-level associates.

Facts About Working at Dillons Grocery

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Dillons?)

Available Positions: Store Associate, Deli Chef, Sushi Chef, Cake Decorator, Meat Cutter, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Night Crew Clerk, Assistant Manager, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Dillons Job Opportunities

The supermarket conducts hiring for positions across store departments. Job seekers looking for entry-level work may find employment at Dillons grocery stores in customer service, stock, and sales. The regional chain focuses on surrounding communities, with store themes generally catering to the feel of the Midwest. Fresh produce sections and dairy sections represent some of the more popular draws to regional grocer. Applicants in search of departmental or customer service work may also find employment throughout areas like deli, bakery, meat, seafood, floral, and natural foods.

Dillons also maintains a reputation for providing pharmaceutical services. Each location generally features an in-house pharmacy with viable employment opportunities for qualified applicants. Available careers at the supermarket chain also include managerial and supervisory roles. Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age to work for the Midwest grocery chain. Additional requirements vary by position. Contact a local store or fill out an online application for employment consideration.

Dillons Employment and Pay Scales

The basic structure of Dillons interviews allow for workers to demonstrate abilities verbally and non-verbally. The grocery store chain looks for confident, personable, and reliable individuals to fill vacancies. Applicants often need to possess real experience for employment consideration for entry-level jobs. Some moderate to long-term experience may prove necessary for managerial roles. Common jobs for hire include:


  • Dillons looks to hire individuals with both interpersonal skills and physical abilities for available clerk jobs.
  • Applicants must possess the ability to actively engage with customers and provide helpful recommendations, if needed, as well as lift heavy objects.
  • A minimum lifting ability of 35lbs. generally proves necessary for hiring consideration, as job duties like building product displays and stocking shelves involve bending, lifting, stooping, and stretching.
  • Clerks must also work checkout aisles as cashiers during busy periods.
  • Starting pay sits around minimum wage for clerk employees, with higher ends of the pay scale topping out around $9.00 per hour.


  • The daily responsibilities of Dillons cashiers include ringing up purchases, applying sales codes and coupons to discounted items, offering product suggestions, and answering questions about services and company policies.
  • Friendly individuals able to work quickly, even under pressure, represent ideal candidates for cashier jobs.
  • Prospective associates must also feel comfortable standing on foot for long periods of time and talking regularly with both customers and fellow employees.
  • Typical hourly pay for cashiers falls between minimum wage and $9.00.


  • Preliminary hiring requirements applicants must meet to work as Dillons managers include experience in the industry or in a position of leadership at a past job.
  • The grocery store offers various levels of employment as managers, including supervisor positions and work as assistant managers and store managers.
  • Supervisor jobs, or lead positions, often feature the choice of either part-time or full-time schedules.
  • Assistant managers and store managers work full-time.
  • Applicants may need to submit to background checks for upper-level management positions and possible drug screening prior to employment.
  • Specific responsibilities of Dillons managers generally encompass motivating and supervising entry-level employees, setting schedules, and tracking hours. Inventory, customer service, and some marketing also play vital roles in managerial employment opportunities available with the regional chain of supermarkets.
  • Managers also oversee hiring and training of new workers.
  • Supervisors typically earn $10.00 per hour at start, while assistant managers start at roughly $30,000 a year.
  • Store managers may begin earning close to $50,000 annual salary.
  • Pay scales increase with tenure and experience gained.

Tips For Applying

A prominent supermarket chain, Dillons offers rewarding careers to friendly, team-oriented individuals. Depending on the opportunity of interest, aspirants may utilize online applications to submit credentials or arrive at local outlets to apply in person. Submissions must provide hiring leaders with a clear picture of the work ethic, background, and personality. Job hunters should fill in each black, provide relevant information, and demonstrate expertise. The company values integrity and dependability. Frequently, employees work weekends and holidays, so prospective team members possessing open availability often appear promising. Previous experience in supermarket or retail positions also garners more attention from recruiters.

Application Status

Prospective staff members receive phone calls or emails from hiring managers within a few days after submitting employment documents. The chain hires on individuals who fit into the company culture and maintain the same values. If following up on submissions in person, job seekers should always stay respectful of customers and potential coworkers. Applicants must also dress professionally and act well-mannered. Ideally, qualified aspirants participate in interviews within a week of submitting forms. The entire hiring process may take upwards of two weeks and potentially longer for reference and background checks. Workers must remain patient throughout the process and not become pushy or demanding of managers.

Dillons Employee Benefits

Dillons provides workers excellent opportunities to grow into meaningful careers or gain industry experience. Associates enjoy paid training, flexible schedules, competitive pay scales, and advancement opportunities into managerial or corporate careers. The supermarket also provides employee benefits to qualified workers, including:

  • Healthcare options
  • Employee stock purchase programs
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Paid time off, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Further Details on Dillons

Originally a dry grocer, Dillons emerged as a prominent modern supermarket chain in the early 1980s under the direction of parent company Kroger Co. The supermarket feature salad bars, liquor departments, and in-house pharmacies among other traditional grocery store departments. Backed by Kroger, the regional chain continues to grow and works to improve surrounding communities through sustainability initiatives like re-useable bag sales, food drives, and other charitable, philanthropic endeavors.


  • Calvon Lemaster says:

    I really enjoyed working for Dillons.The high paced job environment is great for my high energy level.I have excellent Customer service skills with a smile and strive to exceed the customers excpextations so they continue to come back and shop with us.

  • Joe Elliott says:

    I worked for Dillon’s at the old store 19 in Wichita KS in the 80’s. I worked in produce, grocery and convenience stores. I have had previous experience in grocery and produce before 1987. I have always loved the way Dillon’s treats it customers. I also have extensive training in customer service. The shopping environment that Dillon’s offers is second to none.

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