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How to Get a Job at DirecTV

DirecTV frequently interviews job seekers for call center and home service positions. Interview processes typically commence with phone screenings. Applicants who perform well during phone interviews attend 1:1 interview sessions at a company location. Call center candidates usually take skills tests and personality assessments before moving onto face-to-face interviews. Potential home service representatives, typically called field technicians, often participate in virtual interviews upon requesting employment online.

Knowledge is Power

DirecTV call center or field technician positions do not necessitate previous experience; however, current associates cite having knowledge of the technology, customer service, or employee referrals expediting the interview process. Overall, the hiring process varies in length and depends on the position desired, but most applicants complete employment procedures within a month.

Typical Questions Asked

Applicants may field questions like, "How would you handle an irate customer?", "What is your greatest strength?" and "What do you anticipate struggling with if you get a job at DirecTV?" Field technician applicants may answer technology or work ethic related inquiries and more personable customer service related questions, as well. Popular interview questions encountered by field technicians include: "Do you have SBCA or any additional industry certifications?" and "Can you lift at least 75lbs?" Applicants may also be required to pass drug tests and criminal background checks before receiving clearance for job offers.

What to Wear and How to Act

Formal attire, like suits, ties, and appropriate skirts and blouses, serve as the standard for DirecTV interviews. Remain confident and positive throughout each step of the interview process. Exude a friendly and resilient personality to show competency in dealing with frustrated customers. Thank hiring staff for the opportunity and follow-up via email or phone call within a week of the final interview.

DirecTV Service Technician Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
DirecTV Service Technician: I was the lead technician for Makarios Communications Technologies, which is a subcontracted for DIRECTV. My duties were primarily to go to customers homes and do installations, talk over with the customer pertaining to where obviously the satellite dish was going to be located, the wiring schematics, things like that, where they would like to have the receivers within each individual room, help them set up the room of control to activate both TV and the receiver, and then, kind of give the customer about a minute or 2 minute rundown of the remote control itself kind of like a customer service rep just then and there.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
DirecTV Service Technician: It was fun. It really was challenging because you had to think outside the box sometime because even if you have the same house next door to each other, internally, they are different, or the customer just wants it on a different room than what the other person did. Sometimes, wiring could be a little bit tricky.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
DirecTV Service Technician: The application process is pretty much all online. You submit an online, not necessarily resume, but you could, but they ask a few questions that you fill out like what’s your technical experience, mechanical experience, things like that, and then, they email you back saying “Okay, we would like to do a person to person interview with you. Then, you would go to most likely the office. The time that I was actually employed, I had an in so I didn’t really have to go through it. However, they have a special room at the office for conducting interviews. I believe its a 3-process interview. The online being one, the in person being the second one, and then, they do a background check on you for license and credit checks. As I said before, your training is in-house. If you do get hired, you start a 2-week training period right then or when the next hiring availability comes in. They like to try to take about 20 people at the same time instead of just 1 or 2.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
DirecTV Service Technician: Be sure you are up on your technical skills. Be ready to do some hard work. You do have to get into some attics. Every once in a while, being in Florida, it does get hot in an attic. Be careful because accidents can happen. I’ve known a few people who have had some … You will use a lot of tools, drills, wire cutters, things like that where the likelihood of an accident is more so if you’re not familiar with those particular types of tools. Knowledge of the systems itself, you don’t really need. They teach you all that. That’s part of the in-house training. Other than that, just having a good attitude because you’re dealing with a lot of people, and the better customer service part of that that you have, the better that particular customer is going to say “Hey, I want that guy back.”, or he’s going to sit there and say “I had DIRECTV, why don’t you get DIRECTV too. This guy was great.”, and stuff like that. Customer service really counts with DIRECTV. That’s one of the reasons why they’re pretty much one of the top, as far as television carriers. Customer service is a big thing. Knowing the technical aspects or having a little bit of technology background doesn’t hurt.


  • Sean Anderson says:

    “Is it hard to get a job at Directv? I put in an application a week ago for either a Customer Service job, Sales Associate, or Help Desk Analyst job. How long does Directv usually take to call back for an interview? ”
    >laura cushing
    I put an application in a week ago and they called yesterday, so id say around a week. Not like it matters since its been 7 months since your post.

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