Discount Drug Mart Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Discount Drug Mart

A workforce of more than 2,400 associates maintains the 70 or so Discount Drug Mart locations across the State of Ohio. Despite its regional operations, the retailer entertains millions of customers each year and consistently needs to hire new workers to fill a variety of positions. The hiring process encompasses opportunities in customer service, stock, management, and pharmacy. To declare candidacy and begin the hiring process, applicants must submit contact information and employment history via official forms either online or in-person at a desired location.

Interview Expectations

The time it takes for a hiring representatives to scan through applicant information varies by need and sheer volume of potential workers. If selected to interview, applicants generally hear back from Discount Drug Mart within a day or two of submitting the appropriate forms. Managers may also invite job seekers to interviews upon receiving the prospective employee information. A one-to-one interview serves as the most common method of screening candidates for entry-level positions. Sales and stock job interviews are brief and may last only 20 minutes, in some cases.

Drug Screenings

Pharmacy job seekers and managerial candidates sit through two or more interviews with store, district, or area managers. Both career fields require the successful passing of drug screenings and background checks for employment consideration, as well. Drug testing sometimes takes place between interviews, with advancement to further rounds of Discount Drug Mart interviews determined by ability to pass.

Questions Posed

The regional retail chain expects workers to act in professional manners and provide excellent customer service at all times. Most of the hiring process serves as an opportunity for hiring personnel to judge whether a candidate represents an ideal fit for the position and company culture. Discount Drug Mart poses interview questions like: "Have you ever worked in a retail setting before?" and "Would you consider yourself a person who pays attention to detail?"

Physical Expectations

Pharmacy jobs and managerial positions heavily rely on the ability to maintain order and execute assigned tasks to exact specifications. Interviews for stock positions may additionally inquire about physical abilities as they relate to lifting heavy objects and performing manual labor on a regular basis. Professional attire best suits applicants who want to make solid first impressions, although business-casual apparel also proves sufficient, especially for candidates looking for entry-level jobs.

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