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Discount Tire pdf application

The Importance of a Discount Tire Application

Using a printable application for applying to Discount Tire can be an effective tool in standing out from other applicants. Handing it directly to a hiring manage and express interest in the role can help candidates stand out from others applying for the same potion.

Completing the Discount Tire Application

The two-page document is simple and straightforward. It asks for common information found in just about any job application. Be honest with all information provided. If an area doesn’t apply, put N/A in the box. Fill out the form in blue or black pen or complete it on the computer. When finished, print it out.

Personal Data
Starting off the application is the personal data section. Submit name, contact phone number, and mailing address. To the right of the personal data section is a portion where applicants can describe preferences including part-time or full-time work, desired salary, date available, and daily availability.

Background Information
Next, applicants are asked a number of qualifying questions, such as legal status to work in the United States, age range, criminal history, and proof of driver’s license and auto insurance. The section also poses questions about any prior work history or applying at Discount Tire.

Essential Job Functions
The first essential job function question askes if candidates are able to perform key job duties. Next, it inquires if any special accommodations will be necessary for the applicant to perform the job. If yes, more detail should be provided on the lines below.

In the education section, applicants should mark whether they have a high school diploma or GED. Then, list the highest level of schooling completed.

Employment History
This portion asks for employment history tracing back over the last 7 years. The application provides space to add three of previous employers. Generally, companies want to know the three most recent jobs. For those having a number of past work experiences, citing the most relevant places instead of the three most recent may be more beneficial.

Application Agreement and Signature

At the bottom of the second page of the application is a statement which candidates need to agree to. In short, it says that Discount Tire can look in to the education, work history, and criminal background of an applicant as well as hold a pre-screening drug test. Sign and date to complete the application.

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