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Opened in 1954 and 1971, respectively, Disneyland and Walt Disney World form an integral part of the family entertainment and tourism industry in the United States. Operating year-round, the parks need to hire on new employees in various roles to remain successful leaders of the resort industry.

Facts About Working at Disney

Minimum Age to Work at Disney: 17 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Disney?)

Disney Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 11:00pm-12:00am; Sun: 12:00pm-9:00pm

Available Positions at Disney: Ticket Sales Agent, Maintenance Technician, Food and Beverage Associate, Ground Pick Up Associate, Ride Operator, Character Impersonator, Manager, Hotel Merchandiser, Guest Services Associate, Housekeeper, Custodial Host/Hostess, Stateroom Host/Hostess, Cook, Retail Associate, Beverage Server, Bartender, Cruise Staff Member, DJ, Entertainment Host/Hostess, Main Stage & Character Performer/Musician, , Youth Activities Counselor, Recreation Host/Hostess, Lifeguard, Ordinary Seaman, GP Hotel Maintenance Worker, Wiper, Spa/Fitness Attendant, Medical Assistant, Lecturer, Photographer, Sales Associate, Groundskeeper, Desk Assistant, Strategic Account Sales Representative, Product Development Manager, Visual Designer, Usher, Artist, Accountant, Traffic Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Disney Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities available at the two amusement park locations remain bountiful, with more than 60,000 employees working at Walt Disney World alone in over 3,500 job classifications. Park employees function in multiple positions designed to ensure guest satisfaction, enjoyment, and entertainment. Most entry-level positions remain ideal for either seasonal work or long-term employment. The entertainment company offers positions to dedicated college students looking for jobs during school breaks and more career-minded individuals looking to work for the company long term.

Entry-level positions with Disney include a variety of in-park employment opportunities focused on guest relations and aspects of day-to-day operations. Employees work in assorted capacities ranging from retail jobs to costumed positions requiring associates to interact with visitors around each park. Other roles may include working in the various restaurants, hotels, and areas of operations, such as ride control and maintenance, which reside throughout park grounds. Through a multitude of recruitment programs and internships, many entry-level employees find footing in long-term careers with the amusement park company, as well.

Disney Positions and Salary Information

Most employment prospects with Walt Disney World and Disneyland provide excellent entry-level opportunities for a wide range of applicants. The minimum age for applying stands at 18 years old. Candidates should also possess high school diplomas or GEDs in order to apply for the following positions:

Operations Cast Member

  • An operations cast member may fill an assortment of park jobs, including positions like greeter, photographer, transportation and parking attendant, custodian, ticket taker, and ride operator.
  • In addition, some cast members find employment working in one of the many hotels and lodging spaces within the parks.
  • Functioning as housekeepers, concierge, and other types of guest service associates, hotel workers encounter job opportunities throughout peak seasons.
  • Most operations employees start around minimum hourly wage, though opportunities for advancement may bring higher pay of around $9.00 to $10.00 an hour.

Entertainment Cast Member

  • Responsible for helping create and maintain the show aspects of the park, entertainment cast members may find roles performing or helping behind the scenes.
  • Employees may work in costuming, lead guided tours throughout the park, dress as familiar characters, or act as attendants to costumed performers.
  • Entertainers wishing to find jobs as costumed characters must typically audition for the roles onsite and through the Florida park only.
  • The audition process applies to prospective character actors, including fur characters, character look-alikes, and parade performers.
  • Generally earning around $9.00 per hour, entertainment cast members may collect higher wages due to tenure, experience, and availability.

Retail Cast Member

  • Retail associates perform duties to ensure guests receive the highest levels of service possible.
  • Responsible for greeting guests, helping patrons make purchase selections, and taking various forms of payments, retail cast members work in numerous store settings throughout the park.
  • While opportunities remain available in boutiques, specialty shops, and other types of retail outlets, applicants may also find jobs selling ticket packages, planning vacations, and providing personal shopping services for guests.
  • Retail associates tend to earn between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should utilize the company job portal online and select a position of interest to apply for a position within The Walt Disney Company amusement parks. Candidates should click the Apply button and create profiles, complete the position questionnaire, and upload resumes and cover letters. Upon finishing, aspirants remain encouraged to apply for other positions also fitting personal skillsets. While answering the questionnaire and uploading other hiring materials, take the time to review information in order to ensure accuracy, integrity, and completion.

Application Status

The time period for reply on application status may vary, depending on the volume of job seekers, and based on how well applicant skills match the necessary experience and abilities required by the open role. Candidates may hear back immediately or after a couple of weeks. Ambitious applicants may review candidacy status for positions and communications from recruiters in the candidate dashboard located on Disney jobs website. Feedback may come in the form of direct phone calls and emails, as well.

Benefits of Working at Disney

Disney furnishes employees with complete and comprehensive work benefits packages to go along with competitive pay scales, opportunities for advancement, and flexible scheduling. The company offers an array of health and wellness benefits, including:

  • Medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, dental and vision plans, and various life insurance options.
  • In addition, the amusement park leader offers work-life balance programs, such as 11 paid holidays each year, vacation time, sick pay, leaves of absence, and bereavement leave.
  • Working for the company also brings additional perks like complimentary theme park admission as well as employee discounts on themed products, merchandise, and events.
  • Eligible associates also earn access to savings plans, such as 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock purchasing programs.

More Information about Disney

College students wishing to get a head start on achieving career goals may find the Disney Professional Internship ideal for helping prepare for the next step. The internship works on a global scale allowing students to make meaningful connections with industry leaders, develop skills needed in the everyday workforce, and take advantage of opportunities to cultivate creativity and imagination. A paid internship, the opportunity remains available in year-round, summer, and semester-long programs to guarantee the best option for each individual student. After graduation, participants benefit from the networking and connections achieved during the internship, which sometimes result in full-time employment with the company.


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