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How to Get a Job at DKNY

One of the most popular brand names in high fashion, DKNY sells quality clothing and accessories across the world. The company manages roughly 70 full-service retail establishments, each one filled with various sales associates and managers. Any job hopeful must first pass through the interview process before earning hiring consideration. Despite the complex image and reputation the retailer brings to the industry, the worldwide company uses fairly simple and straightforward interviews to find the best associates possible.

Interview Specifics

For most DKNY stores, a head manager usually conducts job interviews with prospective associates. Most stores use 1:1 formats, where the interviewer meets individually with applicants. In the case of an applicant surplus, group interviews or deliberating interviews may be necessary. Each session covers several essential topics to the employee culture. Questions regularly cover an applicant availability, work history, professional character, and communication and social skills. Overall, the interview lasts around 30 minutes for most entry-level positions.

Examples of Interview Questions to Expect

Some questions applicants should expect revolve heavily around how candidates typically interact with both customers and coworkers. Individuals may commonly hear questions like: "What would you do if you saw a fellow employee stealing something from the store?", "How would you convince customers to keep coming back to DKNY?", and "When you enter the store, what attracts you the most?" Other general questions cover personal attributes like responsibility, judgment, and confidence. Most questions are used to gauge whether an applicant has the necessary social skills to thrive in the DKNY environment.

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  1. aashly

    How do I prepare for a job interview with DKNY. What should I expect at the interview, what do they ask and what do I answer them?

    Thank You.


    I was very happy about the interview. It am excited to work for DKNY.


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