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Dollar General pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Dollar General Application

Variety store chain Dollar General occupies thousands of locations in the United States. In order to gain employment, aspirants should stand out against competitors by applying in person. A clear, carefully written application form offers workers the ability to showcase professional and assertive profiles. Individuals may print as many forms as necessary to make sure the application remains free of errors. Job hunters may take as little or long as needed to fill out the forms accurately, and should not worry about running out of time, which frequently happens when applying online.

Turning in a paper application serves as a great chance for hiring managers to gain positive impressions. In addition to legible and fully filled out submissions, aspirants fare best when dressed professionally and arriving during slower hours. Occasionally, a hiring leader may seek to interview a contender on-the-spot. With a form in hand, the recruiter may read through the paper and begin the interview within a few minutes. Aspirants should come prepared to discuss experience, related skills, and knowledge of the company.

How to Fill out the Dollar General PDF Application

Employment hopefuls should click on the file and then print the PDF application once downloaded. Candidates must practice good handwriting and only use pen to fill in answers. Contenders making mistakes may reprint the forms or whiteout incorrect information. Individuals should not leave any blanks, unless the question or questions remain irrelevant to the job title or applicant.

“Personal Information”
To begin the application, potential workers fill in the blanks to a handful of general questions regarding personal details. The first inquiry requests the full name of the applicant, as shown on the Social Security card of the person. Next, the document provides four spaces for the last digits of applicant Social Security numbers. Other questions, such as present address, primary phone number, an alternative number, when to call, email address, and if the candidate stands over 18 years old age, deem necessary. The form provides a disclosure instructing prospective employees of the minimum age requirement of 18.

The submission steers over to general work- and company-related questions. An opening inquiry asks whether the candidate maintains any relatives employed with Dollar General, and if so, to list the names of the employees underneath. The form continues with if the aspirant retains the right to legally work in the United States, possesses the ability to provide the appropriate documentation, and if an employment visa remains necessary now or ever in the future. Job hunters must answer, if not located in Illinois, whether convicted of crimes other than traffic violations. The last question in the section targets the sources for learning about the open positions, such as websites, employment agencies, career fairs, newspapers, or walk-ins.

More employment-related questions inquire into availability and type of employment sought. Such blanks include if previously employed with Dollar General, if so when, where, and reason for leaving, position desired, pay expected, when available to start, reliable transportation, how many hours per week desired, and full-time or part-time status desired. A simple chart appears afterwards and requires aspirants to list available times Monday through Friday. A few remaining blanks seek if the potential staff member maintains distribution center, warehouse, or retail experience, why the applicant wants to work in customer service, and previous customer experience possessed.

As the first page wraps up, aspirants enter details about education. A chart allows each candidate to easily fill out the necessary information. The first space seeks high schools attended, courses of study, number of years completed, if graduated, and degrees or diplomas attained, if applicable. A chart continues with the same inquiries for vocational or business, college, and graduate schools. Underneath the chart, applicants enter specific designations, certifications, licensures, or registrations held in relation to the job applying for. A list of work-related skills sits in checkbox style, and prospective team members mark in the box next to the ones possessed.

“Work History”
The Work History category begins with the number of different employers in the last five years, followed by whether suspended or terminated in any of the job titles and the reasons why. Potential staff explain gaps in work for longer than three months, as well. A chart with four sections requests job seekers to list the most recent job held and work back through employment histories. Questions inquire about company names, addresses, job titles, industry types, supervisor names, phone numbers, reasons for leaving, dates of employment, pay rates, and favorite and least favorite aspects of the positions.

Aspirants include three current and accurate non-personal references. Individuals provide the name, address, phone number, alterative number, email address, occupation, and years known for each contact. The details must remain valid in order for the recruiter to reach the professional reference.

“Notification and Agreement”
In the last section, job hunters read through the statement about hiring practices and legality for the form. The application stays valid for a 90-day period. Afterwards, candidates may resubmit new forms in person or by mail. Dollar General expects all information to hold true and accurate at the time of completion. The last requirement of the submission requests potential workers to sign and date the forms.