Dollar General Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Dollar General

The hiring process begins with filling out an application and submitting it online or in-store. Once the management team reviews a job seeker’s previous work history and qualities, a fitting candidate will hear from a hiring manager to schedule a Dollar General interview.

The Interview

Applicant Traits

Skills applicants should include organization, communication, ability to be a teammate, along with customer service. Potential hires that can keep the store and work areas clean are ideal. Dollar General Employees should be able to listen to supervisors and follow directions.

During the Interview

Applicants will speak with the store manager, or possibly the district manager during the Dollar General interview. Speaking with confidence shows a hopeful is ready to take on the job. Researching the company beforehand gives applicants an advantage.

What to Expect

Basic Interview Questions

The Dollar General interview process starts with set questions. Management takes note of hopeful’s responses during the one-on-one interview. It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete the meeting with a manager. Examples of questions are:

How to Dress

What to Wear

Properly fitting attire allows potential hires to look professional. Examples of outfit ideas are slacks, skirts, dresses, a button up shirt, or a nice top. Business casual is a better option over formal wear for a Dollar General interview. Clean shoes and a hygienic appearance set a good example.

After the Interview

Final Steps

Once a Dollar General interview is over, applicants can expect to hear from a hiring manager about employment within a week. Job seekers who make a proper fit to the company will begin their employment shortly after the interview process.

Interview Tips from a Dollar General Hiring Manager Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: What qualities do you look for in an applicant?
Dollar General Hiring Manager: You looked for somebody that’s well-groomed. You look for someone with a positive attitude, someone who is spunky or has energy. Looking for somebody who has the “it” factor. The “it” factor is that whatever task you throw at them, they can complete and get the job done.

Interviewer: What kind of answers do you look for in an interview?
Dollar General Hiring Manager: I look for straightforward answers. You can look at and see what answers are straightforward, or you can look at and tell if someone is giving you genuine answers. Sometimes, I ask questions and expect the wrong answer, and when I get the wrong answer, that tells me I’m dealing with a genuine person. He wasn’t blowing me smoke to get a job.

Interviewer: How can an interviewee tell if the interview went well?
Dollar General Hiring Manager: You can tell if the interview went well… you can tell by the body language. If the area director is eager to shake your hand, if they start talking numbers with you, if they’re eager to include you with the company, talk about the company, then there’s an indication that they’re going to hire you and bring you aboard.

Interviewer: What should an applicant do to prepare for an interview?
Dollar General Hiring Manager: Well-groomed, get a good night’s sleep if your interview is in the morning, start with a good breakfast, and prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for any questions you think might be asked, and be honest with yourself, be ethical, and just hit the ground running.

Interviewer: What should an applicant do after leaving the interview?
Dollar General Hiring Manager: The application… give it about a week before they follow it back up. The applicant should leave Dollar General and always follow up on your application. Do not over-assert following up on your app because nine times out of ten, area directors are busy, and they will get back to you. But, have confidence in your interview. If you leave your interview with confidence, believing you got the job, nine times out of ten you got the job.

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  • Anna says:

    This is my first interview with Dollar General. What are some questions that I might be asked. What strong points/characteristics are they looking for?

  • Sitel says:

    Job is job to be on time and hard worker with agreat customer service skills .
    because this way we can not loss the customer they wil be back again and again
    even to say hello.

  • Vincent says:

    I have been called back to Dollar General for an interview and phone test. What do I expect to be asked and what are things they are specifically looking for?

  • Pamela Jarvis says:

    I have had my interview and have been hired, however the manager that hired me has said I have to go on to the computer and fill out the rest of my paperwork and complete all that she needs to move forward in my hiring. However I cannot find the info she is talking about. I have been to the site that I applied for the job at and checked my status and it says the job is still open and that I have completed all assessments and have nothing pending. Please help me, what is my next step?

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