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Dollar Tree pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Dollar Tree Application

Operating as an American chain selling a variety of items for $1.00 or less, Dollar Tree employs approximately 145,000 staff members for roughly 13,600 locations. A downloadable PDF application form remains an excellent choice in gaining hiring consideration. Instead of blending into large applicant pools, aspirants may select local stores and hand deliver forms directly to hiring leaders. Armed with polished applications, resumes, and appropriate apparel, applicants should arrive during slow hours and demonstrate commitment to the retailer. Interactions with managers, coworkers, and shoppers should remain respectful and friendly.

Individuals must complete application forms with great accuracy. The information should stand relevant and factual. Job hopefuls should gather information ahead of time to quicken the process. If completing forms at home, aspirants may take as little or as much time as needed. Contenders should also read through job descriptions for positions of interest in order to tailor individual submissions.

How to Fill out the Dollar Tree PDF Application

The two-page application form sports the Dollar Tree logo at the top followed by a message, which indicates aspirants should only use blank ink. Each blank must receive an answer, even if applicants must fill in the abbreviation n/a. Individuals must ensure no errors appear on the forms and should carefully whiteout or start over if mistakes happen.

“General Information”
Applicants begin with personal contact details. Workers must enter last, first, and then middle names, addresses, home phone numbers and business phones, the date, Social Security numbers, and position(s) of interest. By checking Yes or No, individuals specify whether able to work legally in the United States. Other basic questions seek whether candidates stand over 18 years of age and if ever honorably discharged from the military.

Aspirants must also record any prior applications submitted to the company. If Yes, then the dates and locations of submissions must follow. Space remains available for expected pay rates, as well. The next inquiry prompts contenders to read through a statement containing job requirements of unloading stock, stocking, pricing, operating a register, and assisting customers. Potential workers check Yes or No if able to complete duties reasonably. Another question inquires about special training or skills possessed. The company asks why the job hopeful selected Dollar Tree to apply to, as well.

The final portion of the category touches on availability of each contender. Candidates must answer if accessible full-time and, if not, the days and hours which stand problematic. The application also requests individual interest in overtime. Lastly, the section requests available start dates.

A brief section on the educational background of candidates appears next. Information required includes highest education levels completed, whether graduated, and school location. College graduates should list degrees obtained. Underneath, applicants should write down special interests and hobbies, which adds to the general picture hiring managers prefer to gather prior to conducting interviews.

“Employment History”
Before beginning the work history category, aspirants enter emergency contacts by filling in the names, relationships with, phone numbers, occupations, and addresses of selected individuals. Once complete, job hopefuls fill in the information for three former job positions, starting with the most recent one. Each job listed should include company name, address, telephone number, name of supervisor, start and end dates, rate of pay, reason for leaving, and job titles and duties. Aspirants may provide full-time and part-time positions; however, each one must contain accurate and complete details. A shaded area remains for hiring managers only.

The last section of the application form provides a breakdown of legality of the position and submission form. Dollar Tree remains an equal opportunity employer, which hires through an at-will policy. Furthermore, by signing and dating aspirants recognize recruiters may contact former employers to inquire about character and work habits. California and Minnesota residents must complete an additional section. The signature line and blank for the date appears at the very bottom of the form.