Domino’s Pizza Team Member

Domino’s Pizza Team Member Job Description & Interview

Job Descriptions and Duties

What Does a Domino’s Pizza Team Member Do?

Team Members with Domino’s Pizza undertake a variety of duties with the pizza delivery chain. Most of the time, team members help operate their particular restaurant. Crew member job duties include taking phone calls, filling out specific orders, making pizzas, and completing cash transactions with customers that come to pick up food orders.

Additional Responsibilities

Domino’s Pizza team members must also clean the store and keep it sanitized and working properly. Unlike delivery drivers, many team members with Domino’s Pizza spend their shifts in the store. An effective Domino’s team member must follow directions easily, stick to routines, and feel comfortable dealing with customers and coworkers for an extended amount of time.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

For entry-level employees and first-time workers, Domino’s Pizza offers an average pay rate between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour. Experienced workers may see an increase in hourly wages. Domino’s Pizza also allows team members to collect tips for exceptional service.

Job Benefits and Other Perks

In addition to attractive pay scales, Domino’s Pizza offers exceptional job benefits to qualified associates. Standard Domino’s employment benefits include paid vacation, a comprehensive health and insurance policy, and 401(k) retirement plan. Additional job perks may include employee discounts and company stock options.


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