DoorDash Interview Questions & Tips

How to Prep for a DoorDash Interview

The DoorDash interview process requires an internet connection to apply online. Candidates enter their email address, phone number, and zip code, and must consent to receive texts or calls from the company.

Entry-level driving applicants are subject to an initial screening with a background check. There is an orientation upon approval, attended either in person or through video chat.


Part-time work has few requisites but sensible pay rates. Job seekers should own smartphones with data plans that can handle steady app usage. DoorDash workers are independent contractors and must sign an agreement to start the hiring process.

What to Expect

DoorDash interview questions ask about driving records and knowledge of the delivery area. Hopefuls share prior customer service experience and explain why they want the job. The company asks about vehicle make and model along with driver's license and proof of insurance.

Driver jobs require strong people skills. Thus, it is best to stay friendly during the interview process. The company may ask if applicants have used the DoorDash service and what their experience was like.

The First Meeting

The actual job interview is part of the DoorDash orientation. Recruits get a feel for the company as they fill out forms and non-disclosure files. They also go over company policies and instructions on how to Dash. This review should take no longer than 30 minutes.

How Long Is the Hiring Process?

While times can vary, many candidates get work days after filling out the online job application. DoorDash interview questions are simple and direct, asking for a home address, social security number, and other basic info.

Does DoorDash Drug Test?

While DoorDash does not drug test, the hiring process calls for screening on each worker. Those with past drug-related charges may be unfit for hire.

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