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Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Solon, OH, Dots stands as a major regional retail chain. Though the company experienced grief due to economic downturn, Dots endures and thrives as an affordable and stylish boutique.

Facts About Working at Dots

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Dots?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Stock Room Associate, Key Holder, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Part-Time Purchasing Assistant, Merchandise Distributor, Marketing Intern, Computer Operator, Marketing Manager, PC Technician, District Manager, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Project Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Dots application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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Job Opportunities at Dots Stores

Primarily a store for women, the retailer generally favors female employees. Selling clothes in standard and plus sizes, the store persists as a haven for fashion-conscious women of any shape and size. Additionally, Dots stocks a wide range of accessories to compliment the aesthetic of available merchandise. Since the styles projected by the company maintain inimitable flair, employees with knowledge about the fashion world and a personalized panache stand favored for hire.

Due to the focused regionalization of the company, job opportunities in upper management and corporate careers retain a higher probability of attainability. Positions such as district and regional manager generally fill with current employees already familiar with the retailer and all of the values Dots holds important. However, many positions remain part-time and based in customer interactions and services. In addition to stellar fashion sense, entry-level employees should demonstrate orderliness and the ability to remain amiable in various situations.

Dots Positions and Salary Information

The policy for hire with the fashion company requires hopefuls to stand at least 16 years of age. Of the regularly available store positions, many remain entry-level and part-time; however, the possibility of transition to managerial staff rises with the amount of time spent with the company. While no previous experience in retail prevails as a requirement, Dots employees with fashion-forward styles, who demonstrable customer service skills, remain favorable among hiring personnel. On average, the retailer employs 1,000 to 5,000 people, with available positions including:

Sales Associate

  • Mainly responsible for generating positive impressions on customers, sales associates work closely with store patrons to ensure satisfaction, such as greeting customers to helping people pick out ideal outfits to match any given occasion.
  • Customer service skills prove necessary to excel in an associate position.
  • Other daily duties include maintaining the general cleanliness and orderliness of each store, ringing up consumers and handling monetary transactions, and monitoring for theft.
  • Supplementary to demonstrations of fashion sense, sales associates may need to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • While future raises remain possible, individuals hired on for sales associate positions should expect to receive minimum wage as starting compensation.

Assistant Manager

  • A lower-tier managerial position, assistants to the store manager mainly stand responsible for aiding upper management in operations.
  • Commonly full-time positions, assistant manager jobs involve handling customer complaints, answering questions outside the capabilities of store associates, and learning and executing store opening and closing procedures.
  • Assistant managers must also keep the best interests of the company in mind and may need to reprimand employees in instances of insubordination or recurrent infractions.
  • Workers employed as Dots assistant managers often make up to $15.00 an hour and may become eligible for certain work benefits.


  • With varying degrees of responsibility, managerial positions may include the store manager, the district manager, and the regional manager.
  • While specific duties of each level of management varies, the ability to promote teamwork and maximum productivity remains essential to each job title.
  • Ensuring each employee remains focused on the particular goals of the company, receives proper training, and feels comfortable asking questions and learning about the job compose only a few managerial obligations.
  • Additionally, managers monitor profit margins and more technical aspects of the retail world.
  • In general, managers should possess fantastic organizational skills, keen eyes for detail, and remain open and friendly.
  • All forms of management remain full-time engagements.
  • Dots managers may earn salary options of $37,000 to $58,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Typical of entry-level hiring forms, the Dots application takes an average of 30 minutes to complete. Individuals retain the option of submitting the application online but also stand welcome to apply on location. The amount of time may reduce if individuals collect all necessary information before starting. Standard data, such as name, permanent address, contact information in the form of email and phone number, education, and employment history, usually appear on the forms. A system for uploading a resume exists if applying online. If applying in person, job hopefuls regularly benefit from printing out resumes to turn in with the paper applications.

Application Status

After submitting online applications, job hopefuls may expect to receive some form of confirmation, usually emails, to show the company received the forms. Dots usually takes seven to 14 days to respond to sales associate applications, and individuals may expect to go through two in store interviews, depending on the availability of assistant managers and store managers. However, if job hopefuls do not hear back from the company within a week, calling the store to inquire about application status proves beneficial.

Benefits of Working at Dots

As expected, Dots offers different employment benefits for each level of employment. Part-time employees receive little access to traditional work benefits; however, part-time associates should expect discounts on store merchandise. Managerial positions, including assistant manager, earn job benefits after serving the company for a designated amount of time. Employment benefits may include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Paid time off, and the option to set up 401(k) retirement plans with the company along with employee discounts.

More Information on Dots

Dots yields a unique ambiance in terms of clothing. As a result, the company incorporates an interesting component into the interview process. While traditional questions remain important to the process, such as asking why individuals want to work for the company or for candidates to outline past experiences with customer service, applicants of all levels should anticipate engaging in fashion role play. Managers conducting interviews describe a few situations, such as a fancy dinner engagement or a trip on the town, and interviewees must put together outfits, including accessories, to please hypothetical customers. For potential hires who really want to give a successful performance during interviews with the fashion retailer, dressing well but with personal flair remains an effective way to catch the attention of management.


  • Johanna Wilson says:

    Can you apply for a job if you turn 16 in less than a month?

  • laurie jevoli says:

    i used to work at dots and would love to come back and work for dots again, i loved working there and had the best people to work with.

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