DoubleTree Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Interview Formats

DoubleTree job hopefuls may encounter one or two in-person interviews during the formal hiring process. Based on applicant information provided, hiring managers reach out to eligible workers and schedule job interviews. Some locations may have aspiring associates interview with a single supervisor in 1:1 format sessions. Other locations, largely due to franchising, may only obligate workers to participate in a single job interview.

Answering Questions Candidly

Interviews questions used during the DoubleTree hiring process consistently touch on scenarios which gauge applicant personalities. An example of behavioral questions may include: "If a customer is upset or angry with hotel services, how would you appease the individual or diffuse the situation?" Other Double Tree interview question examples range from, "Can you describe yourself a little?" to, "Do you regularly get in disputes with coworkers?" Applicants may provide detailed answers; however, many previous job seekers report casual proceedings during the interview process. Providing candid yet concise answers typically serve prospective employees best.

Expectations Before Hire

Applicants should expect to spend at least a week completing the interview process from beginning to end. Including the waiting period for the call to schedule a job interview, workers may spend one to two weeks in the hunt for a specific job. Before starting at any position, DoubleTree reserves the right to impose drug screening, background checks, and credit checks on potential associates. If instructed, applicants must submit to the employment checks to assume the intended position. Professional dress serves as the optimal choice in wardrobe for prospective candidates during interviews.

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