dressbarn Interview Questions & Tips

Getting Started

Women's clothing retailer DressBarn hires virtually all new employees through a mixture of both formal and informal job interviews. Dedicated and enthusiastic job seekers may qualify for entry-level and professional positions with the clothing chain. However, candidates must first pass the interview process and make an impression on hiring personnel. Although a fairly simple and straightforward process, job hopefuls should still take the time to prepare for the interview.

Know the Industry

For most every entry-level associates, stores administer one-on-one question and answer sessions with store managers. Many questions could be considered fairly generic for the retail industry, such as: "How do you meet all of your goals?", "What does great customer service mean to you?", and "How do you react to irate customers?" Interviewers look at how applicants answer each question, such as the tone they use, if they use complete sentences, and if they show some sort of enthusiasm for the job. As a clothing retailer, DressBarn may ask a few questions regarding a candidate's sense of style and fashion trends. To that end, dressing well for the interview may be an important factor. Individuals who show great fashion coordination may receive even higher employment consideration.


  • Maggie says:

    I can help. At Dress Barn, you can’t have any facial piercings but some tattoos are okay.

  • Yvonne Rippel says:

    I have been with Dressbarn for 4 years now and i recently got a tattoo of a butterfly on my foot. It that ok to show or do i have to cover that?

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