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DSW pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the DSW Application

Filling out applications online provides candidates easy access to employment documents and quick turnarounds on hiring statuses. However, downloading and printing out the DSW PDF application offers additional time to complete the required information and opportunities to hand the employment forms in personally. Individuals prone to make mistakes on official documents also enjoy the ability to reprint applications without the need to ask managers for new copies and potentially hinder impressions left on staff. Submitting the printed PDF provides the right circumstances to briefly engage management in conversation if time allows. The extra initiative may result in on-the-spot interviews, which may speed up the hiring process.

How to Fill out the DSW PDF Application

Applicants should ready information on availability, past jobs, professional references, reasons for wanting to work for the shoe retail chain, and education backgrounds. The application form indicates the information required for each section and guides candidates through the necessary procedures for completing the hiring requests. DSW hires new employees following Equal Opportunity guidelines. Divulging criminal histories or details regarding past employment or education should not factor into overall hiring decisions necessarily.

After dating the application at the head of the document, each candidate begins the form with a section devoted to general availability. The first line includes spaces for workers to list positions desired, available start dates, and salary expectations. Workers then need to denote full-time, part-time, or seasonal motives for employment. Boxes for each day of the week appear in the section, as well. Candidates must enter in availability for each day, including starting and end times.

“Personal Information”
The printable document moves on to provide lines for contact information. Job hopefuls use the spaces to list names, addresses, telephone numbers, and emails. The section also includes a small box on the lower right-hand side designated for applicants under 18 to mark current ages.

“Employment History”
A checkbox granting permission to reach out to past employers leads the Employment History section. Applicants must mark Yes or No to move on; however, as the document informs candidates, marking No may result in dismissal from consideration. Starting with the most recent job held, each prospective employee must list general details regarding previous jobs. Required information centers around company name, address, phone number, dates employed, official job title, responsibilities, supervisor names, beginning and ending pay, and reasons for leaving. A brief question asks workers to describe past disciplinary actions, terminations, resignations, or infractions involving dishonesty or theft, if applicable.

Candidates move on to fill out detailed charts regarding education histories following the Employment History section. Types of schools, the names and locations of the institutions, and degrees obtained or areas of study serve as crucial information required by the printable hiring form. Applicants must also indicate the number of years completed at each school and commencement, if applicable. DSW asks for data on any high schools, colleges, or vocational institutions attended. Additional information in the section may include special skills obtained or unique concentrations touched on over individual courses of study.

“Criminal Conviction Information”
The major shoe store also asks candidates to divulge information pertaining to criminal convictions. A brief introduction outlines the rights granted to residents of certain states such as Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, and Washington. Applicants outside of the four states must complete the section in entirety. The first question inquires about felony convictions. If an applicant marks Yes, the worker must provide the date(s) of the infraction and the nature of the incident(s). The printable hiring form also requires job hopefuls to reveal misdemeanor convictions involving weapons, theft, dishonesty, or abuse. Employment seekers list similar information regarding the circumstances surrounding the misdemeanor convictions on the line provided.

Brief inquiries into legal right to work in the United States, referral sources to the job or jobs in question, and friends or relatives employed by the chain appear in the Miscellaneous section. If candidates previously worked for the shoe store, the job hopefuls must list the dates employed, locations, supervisor names, and titles held.

Straightforward and well-organized, the References section remains largely self-explanatory. Workers must provide the names, addresses, telephone numbers, relationships to, and years known for up to three professional recommenders. DSW asks prospective associates to only provide information for past colleagues and/or managers.

“Person to Contact in Case of Emergency”
Another brief, direct section requires the listing of an emergency contact. The person should include someone easy to reach in the event of any unforeseen incident requiring immediate care or attention. DSW applicants must provide the full name, address, primary and secondary phone numbers, and relation to the emergency contact on the PDF document.

“Please Read this Statement Carefully”
The closing section of the DSW printable hiring form provides details regarding the employment process. Legal disclaimers informing candidates of rights pertaining to dissemination of data collected appear in the brief portion of the documents. The statements also notify potential employees applications remain on file for 60 days. Sign and date the form in the spaces provided to certify the data provided and finalize the printed request prior to submitting the form to management.