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Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW, provides fashion-conscious men, women, and kids colorful and varied selections of shoes and accessories. Since the inception of the company in 1969, the shoe store remains a flourishing market for entry-level jobs and career-building work.

Facts About Working at DSW

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at DSW?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Sales Support Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Sales Support Manager, Shipping Associate, Receiving Associate, Merchandise Handler, Merchandise Processor, Merchandise Manager, Operations Manager, Copywriter, Associate Buyer, Planning Analyst, QA Analyst, Financial Reporting Analyst, Merchandise Planner, Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print DSW application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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Job Opportunities with DSW

With a growing number of locations, DSW requires new talent to staff stores. Individuals interested in or possessing knowledge of fashion retail and trends in the shoe market make ideal candidates for entry-level positions. Job hopefuls with previous experience in retail or customer service settings may receive preference for managerial work during the hiring process. Entry-level candidates wishing to start careers in retail may take advantage of paid training and leadership seminars. Associates already familiar with company policies and functions make efficient choices for promotion to management.

The shoe retailer values passion, accountability, collaboration, and humility. Demonstrating commitment to company principles may earn job candidates favor with hiring personnel. Additionally, friendly and spirited individuals who enjoy working in people-oriented environments fare well as DSW employees. Employment opportunities continually arise, as the shoe retailer experiences higher than average turnover rates. Peak sales seasons such as holidays create temporary positions to fill, which may lead to further work with the company.

DSW Positions and Salary Information

High school and university students may find lucrative employment with DSW. Prospective associates must stand at least 16 years of age, which enables younger applicants to find meaningful work. Entry-level positions prove available in full-time and part-time capacities. The most obtainable positions include:

Sales Associate

  • Mainly responsible for cultivating positive shopping experiences for customers, sales associates must possess excellent communication and people skills.
  • Though no previous experience persists as a prerequisite for employment, time spent working in retail may afford candidates preference during the hiring process.
  • Sales associates often double as cashiers and perform various tasks during shifts, such as greeting customers, assisting customers, promoting the rewards program, ringing up customers efficiently, providing change as necessary, maintaining the cleanliness of stores, and replenishing stock as needed.
  • Sales associate employees earn average hourly wages of $9.00 to $10.00.

Stock Associate

  • Working in back rooms to supervise the flow of inventory, stock associates should possess exceptional organizational skills and basic math abilities.
  • Usually a part-time job, stock associates enjoy average pay rates of $9.00 an hour.
  • Shift duties include maintaining the organization of back rooms, stocking sales floors, affixing prices to the merchandise, setting display cases, processing inventory shipments, performing general housekeeping duties, and operating handheld equipment.
  • Stock associate positions generally require physical wellness, as standing, reaching, squatting, and bending repeatedly during shifts proves necessary.

Assistant Manager

  • A position with heightened responsibilities, assistant manager jobs support store managers in daily operation of outlets.
  • Candidates for positions should possess previous experience in leadership roles and retain knowledge of trends in the shoe market.
  • As assistant managers must lead by example, interested individuals should demonstrate excellent communication and people skills.
  • While customer service remains a top priority for assistant managers, cultivating well-rounded and informed teams of associates carries equal importance.
  • Regular job duties include responding to customer complaints promptly, meeting sales and promotional goals, providing feedback and positive reinforcement for store staff, seeking and training new talent, processing shipments, performing inventory checks, and taking orders from the store manager.
  • Assistant managers earn salary packages upwards of $38,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

DSW candidates should make profiles with the job hosting portal on the company website. Work seekers should gather personal information, education history, past employers, and references to expedite the process of creating profiles. Candidates must then complete personality surveys, which take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Individuals also retain the option of uploading a resume. Double-checking information provided ensures job candidates appear professional.

Application Status

In most cases, a confirmation email dispatches to the provided email address once the job hosting platform receives a submitted application. Generally, due to the need to fill positions quickly, hiring personnel at DSW reach out to qualified applicants within a few days. The company asks work seekers to refrain from contacting hiring managers with inquiries, as the profile with the platform features a way to monitor the status of an application.

Benefits of Working at DSW

Along with competitive pay and advancement opportunities, part-time and full-time associates receive comprehensive work benefits. Healthcare coverage includes dental, vision, prescription drug coverage, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and short-term and long-term disability. Additionally:

  • 401(k) retirement plans with company match
  • Employee discounts
  • Paid time off, and
  • Paid holidays remain available to qualifying employees.

More Information on DSW

As a responsible business, DSW demonstrates commitment to a world community by following a three-tiered sustainability policy. Concerned with energy, waste, and materials, the policy attempts to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the shoe store. To cut back on energy use, the company implemented an energy-conscious lighting design in all stores, which uses LED lamps instead of halogen bulbs. To decrease waste output, the retailer enforces a recycling policy at all locations, including the corporate offices. Lastly, the materials used to build each store promise sustainability, such as carpets and bricks made from recycled materials.


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