Duane Reade Job Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Interview Questions

The Duane Reade hiring process for general clerks, stock associates, and cashiers consists of a single, one-on-one interview session. A potential manager generally presides over the informal interview. Entry-level jobs typically represent a first-time opportunity for many applicants. The pharmacy chain often asks interview questions related to the future of applicants and career aspirations, such as: "Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?" and "What are some of your future goals?" The hiring process also examines customer service abilities and other attributes related to the retail industry.

Career-Level Interview Differences

For managerial candidates, the Duane Reade hiring process also plays out in similar, informal fashion. The main difference between the interview process for entry-level applicants and managerial job hopefuls is the number of interviews in which candidates participate. Pharmacy jobs also require applicants to participate in multiple interviews during the hiring process. Pharmacy hopefuls and managerial candidates field much more specific interview questions, as well. Common interview questions for managers and pharmacy jobs include: "How important is company policy to overall operations?" and "Do you negotiate/mediate well in stressful circumstances?"

Dress Accordinly

Both entry-level Duane Reade job seekers and candidates for more intensive positions should treat the interview seriously and display workplace appropriate behavior at all times. Apparel donned during interviews should reflect the level of responsibility incurred by the position desired. Managers should wear professional dresses or suits and ties with corresponding shoes, while hourly employment hunters should at least wear business-casual shirts, tops, pants, skirts, and dressier or matching shoes.


  • dominika Miskiewicz says:

    i have one question, what should i bring into the interview?

  • Rachel says:

    i Have One Also; How Should i Dress ?

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    How much do they pay a shift leader?

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