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Supplying power to nearly 7.3 million United States customers, Duke Energy stands as one of the largest electric holding companies. Job seekers interested in providing clean and affordable energy to residential and commercial consumers ease into the industry with entry-level positions.

Facts About Working at Duke Energy

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Duke Energy?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Nuclear Oversight Auditor, Technical Specialist, IT Associate, Fleet Maintenance Technician, Hydraulics Maintenance Technician, Human Resources Associate, Human Resources Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Accountant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Duke Energy Job Opportunities

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the utility company generates over 57,500 megawatts of electricity in the Carolinas, the Midwest, and Florida. Duke Energy also maintains natural gas distribution in Ohio and Kentucky. Diverse power generation assets reside in North America and Latin America, as well. Service areas, occupying the Southeast and Midwest, span approximately 95,000 square miles. With the company in continuous expansion, applicants find positions readily available in an array of fields. Individuals identify opportunities in customer service, accounting, engineering, technology, plant operation, and as technicians and submit applications with ease online. Established programs for college students and military personnel allow candidates to experience the industry first-hand from the ground up.

The energy outfit delivers exceptional service by employing a fully engaged workforce. Company success relies on bringing diversity and inclusion into team environments. To focus on becoming a dutiful corporate citizen, Duke Energy offers members from served communities employment opportunities. With amble chances to contribute and participate in professional development, staff members hold the power to reach unlimited potential within the company and as individuals. Internal positions remain frequently available to workers seeking career advancement.

Salary and Employment Information for Duke Energy

Talented workers possessing interest in the energy industry should apply for entry-level positions. Candidates must hold high school diplomas or equivalents. Certain positions require the ability to work flexible schedules and stay on-call. Many openings only seek individuals capable of satisfying the physical requirements of lifting, bending, twisting, and walking long distances. Work environments may fluctuate from offices to in the field. Aspirants locate opportunities in positions such as:

Customer Service Representative

  • Dedicated employees able to offer diverse experiences and unique perspectives find employment readily available within Duke Energy.
  • Representatives provide exceptional service to customers and stakeholders on daily bases.
  • Clients call in throughout the day concerned with electric and natural gas charges found on bills.
  • Workers hold the responsibility of rectifying issues and offering advice on how to save energy and money effectively.
  • Other in-bound calls require staff members to explain company policies and procedures in simple and easily understood terms.
  • With pay rates starting at $12.00 an hour, previous experience in call centers proves beneficial.
  • Typical days involve spending long hours at desks and answering extensive amounts of calls.
  • Prospective team members also proficiently use Microsoft Office and other computer software.

Distribution Line Helper

  • Helpers work in the field and install and repair electrical distribution systems, such as overhead and underground lines.
  • Installation of transformers, capacitors, regulators, load control devices, and street lights often stand essential.
  • Salary packages begin at $15.00 an hour and require on-call availability.
  • Workers follow outages closely and receive calls during weekends and holidays.
  • Line employees also work indoors and outside, depending on daily tasks, and assist during inclement weather.
  • Additional requirements suggest frequent travel, varying temperature degrees, confined spaces, and a weight restriction of 275 pounds.

Wind Technician

  • While assisting higher management, wind technicians operate and maintain plant functions.
  • Associates also troubleshoot and repair mechanical malfunctions.
  • Since positions require fieldwork, operators should assume to spend considerable amounts of time in wind farm environments.
  • Since the plant remains open 24 hours a day, employees should also expect to work in hot, cold, noisy, dusty, and humid atmospheres.
  • The average day includes climbing turbine towers up to 300 feet and meteorological towers up to 360 feet.
  • High school diplomas (or equivalents) and two years of related experience stand preferred.
  • Hourly rates exceed $16.00 and allow staff members to gain hands-on knowledge in the industry.

Tips For Applying

The career portal organizes current job openings by locations, categories, and keywords. Applicants should visit the page frequently to identify newly added positions. Candidates must apply online in order for recruiters to consider applications. The search tool allows users to add multiple opportunities to job carts, save searches, view drafts and submitted applications, and check statuses of previously applied for positions. Job seekers must turn off pop-up blockers to successfully locate and fill out applications for available roles. Contenders also create profiles and username information to continue in interview processes.

Application Status

Email notifications generally initiate hiring processes with the intent of scheduling phone screenings or in-person interviews. Waiting periods may take upwards of three weeks depending on positions and number of applications received. Multiple meetings with the company may present necessary. Candidates should utilize waiting times to research Duke Energy and potential questions. Prospective employees should expect responses after interviews within two months. Individuals looking to check on statuses of applications may do so by logging onto the careers portal.

Benefits of Working for Duke Energy

Total rewards packages include comprehensive job benefits to satisfy the needs of employees and families. To attract talent, Duke Energy offers top-notch healthcare coverage including dental, vision, and medical insurance. By opting in for disability and life insurance, workers enjoy a sense of security. Similarity, individuals obtaining 401(k) retirement plans utilize future financial planning. Other work benefits feature support such as wellness and employee assistance programs. Staff members balance work with paid time off in the form of vacation and holiday time, as well.

Additional Information about Duke Energy

Identified as an educational tool, the Energy Challenge allows users to power communities through simulated game play. The challenge demonstrates the balance between cost, reliability, and cleanliness. Players must choose an energy generation mix satisfying future demands while minimizing carbon dioxide emissions and keeping costs low. The purpose of explaining why certain decisions hold necessary, even though controversial, allows energy consumers a better understanding of how utility companies operate. Players gain valuable insight in the difficult decision process of how to power societies effectively. Duke Energy originally used the tool in a group setting with a facilitator. After deciding to expand the reach, the concept converted into an online tool.

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