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The process of hunting for a job is only as stressful as you make it. Having the proper guidance during times of uncertainty can be all that’s needed to steer you in the right direction. That’s why we’re so happy to introduce our e-book, On Paper, In Person, Online: The Ultimate Guide to Job Hunting. No matter what method you use to apply for a job, or route you take to get there, this helpful publication can be your go-to source for advice while on the path to success.

Avoiding confusion while pursuing a job is the first topic discussed in detail. We offer suggestions on how to tailor the search to your interests and tips on avoiding mistakes that could cost you a career. A helpful step-by-step tutorial on how to effectively fill out applications is provided, as well as advice on building an effective resume. Video links throughout the entire e-book delve even further into these topics for those seeking additional elaboration.

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On Paper, In Person, Online: The Ultimate Guide to Job Hunting gives job seekers clarity by breaking down and explaining the most important aspects of looking for a job. This manual contains the following chapters:

  • The Job Hunt – In any journey, the most important part is the first step. This beginning chapter focuses on establishing a goal, making a commitment, and sticking with it through the thick and the thin. Build your foundation with useful advice on avoiding mistakes, searching for jobs of interest, and staying motivated.
  • The Application – Job applications can be varied and detailed. They are an important part of the hiring process, and the way in which they’re filled out often speaks volumes about potential employees. This section explains the ins and outs of filling out applications while remaining professional.
  • The Resume – In order to catch the eye of hiring managers, your resume needs to stand out in a positive way. Formatting, keyword usage, and writing style all play major roles in building an excellent resume. In this portion of the book, learn how to write an effective resume that reflects your achievements and relates to your field of interest.
  • The Interview – The importance of job interviews cannot be understated, as they are the first face-to-face meetings between potential employees and employers. On Paper, In Person, Online: The Ultimate Guide to Job Hunting details what to expect during these encounters and how to carry yourself professionally. Besides resumes, interviews are the only true chance to make a first impression, and this chapter focuses on making the best of that opportunity.
  • Social Media – A quick scan of someone’s social media presence is a cost-effective alternative to performing a background check. This portion of the book describes what needs to be done in order to keep your accounts professional and job-search friendly. Depending on how you present yourself online, active social media involvement can be just as positive as it can be negative.
  • Networking – Who you know is often just as important as what you know. While looking for employment, networking is a crucial and often overlooked component to success. This final portion of the book explains how to gain, manage, and utilize professional contacts within your chosen field of interest.

In life, you’ll only get out of something what you put into it. This concept can be skillfully utilized while searching for a job. You must be dedicated and disciplined in achieving your goal as you’ll probably face rejection. However, you can use any and all negative experiences to your advantage. Learn from them, and apply what you’ve learned to future job interviews. Trust in the fact that the perfect job is out there. Understand that you may not even know exactly what that position is, but it will come to you if put enough effort into finding it. The confidence required to land your ideal job can be sourced from the pages of our wonderful e-book On Paper, In Person, Online: The Ultimate Guide to Job Hunting.

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