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International restaurant chain Earls Kitchen and Bar employs roughly 7,000 workers in more than 60 North American locations. Entry-level job seekers and career-focused individuals alike enjoy competitively rewarding jobs with options for flexible scheduling and other employment benefits.

Facts About Working at Earls Kitchen And Bar

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Earls Kitchen And Bar?)

Available Positions: Host, Hostess, Setter, Server, Bar Porter, Bartender, Shift Leader, Lounge Leader, Day Leader, Night Leader, Restaurant Leader, Dishwasher, Cook, Grill Cook, Caller, Finisher, Expediter, Produce Prep, Protein Prep, Line Setter, Saucier, Baker, Night Coach, Day Coach, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager

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Earls Kitchen and Bar Job Opportunities

Earls Kitchen and Bar operates as an upscale casual restaurant abundant in Canada and available in the states of Washington and Colorado, as well as Boston, MA, and Miami, FL. Menu items feature local daily specials, gourmet burgers, steaks, barbecue, and seafood along with beer, wine, and liquor. New locations provide frequently available positions with the company. Typical restaurant work requirements entail sociable attitudes and hardworking characters. Restaurants generally remain busy during lunch and dinner hours, which demands individuals capable of withstanding high-intensity work environments. Job hopefuls maintaining cleanly appearances and well-spoken communication skills stand excellent chances of achieving employment within restaurant locations.

Restaurant jobs remain available in front- and back-of-house capacities. Individuals comfortable with social interaction and fast-paced public operations should submit applications for front-of-house server, bartender, and host opportunities. Back-of-house positions offer fulfilling roles, such as chef, dishwasher, and busser. Though social intelligence remains lesser priority, teamwork skills must rank high for prospective back-of-house workers and entail at least basic competence when interacting with people. Available for associates who exceed goals, career advancement opportunities reward shining employees with greater salary rates and experience. Particularly involved with employee welfare, Earls Kitchen and Bar enjoys molding existing employees into senior roles and regularly boasts higher than average compensation packages for individuals attaining upper management roles.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Openings and Pay

Inexperienced restaurant aspirants may find gainful employment with the company; however, senior server and bartender positions remain available only to experienced industry professionals. Applicants should stand at least 16 years of age. High school diplomas or equivalents may prove necessary to receive employment. Additional hiring criteria varies by role and may include proof of reliable transportation, limited body modifications, and state food handling certifications. Hours range widely for new hires and regularly include weekends and holidays. Positions often gained by entry-level job seekers include:


Relying mostly on customer gratuities for income, servers earn below minimum wage. As a result:

  • Servers must prioritize customer needs and fill orders in timely and accurate fashions to increase earning potentials.
  • Additional duties include totaling bills, processing payments, and solving customer issues arising due to poor service or food complaints.
  • Cleaning remains a central focus of the job as well and entails maintaining dining tables, chairs, and floors in acceptable conditions for customer satisfaction.
  • Candidates hoping for successful hire should display kind and upbeat demeanors.
  • Top-earning servers may take in around $30,000 yearly.


  • Pay for hosts generally rests around minimum wage, while outperforming coworkers may garner a few dollars more per hour.
  • Greeting guests and assisting customers to designated seating areas, hosts create first impressions of Earls Kitchen and Bar establishments.
  • Cleaning activities comprise significant portions of responsibility for hosts as well as answering phones for take-out orders.
  • Filling take-out orders accurately for hungry customers remains essential in addition to ensuring quoted wait times remain fulfilled.
  • Time management, social interaction skills, and attention to detail persist as necessities for host positions.


  • Cook responsibilities require individuals to pay attention to both detail and time management.
  • Once clocked in, associates ensure cleanly kitchen environments for daily proceedings.
  • Once sanitized, the kitchen lies ready for preparation work, as chefs prepare dishes served throughout the day.
  • Knowledge of menu items and how to properly create and season menu meals constitute most initial training programs for newly hired employees.
  • Working within a consistently heated climate, associates should withstand high temperatures, while continuously standing and walking around.
  • Average salary options for chefs begin around $10.00 per hour.


  • Often making upward of $70,000 per year, managers take care of worker wages by processing payroll and cash drops to determine tip totals.
  • The senior officials must also review applications and hire qualified candidates, create scheduling satisfying requested time off, and coach existing staff to excel.
  • Bonuses present additional monetary gains, while management generally takes advantage of superior job benefits packages.
  • Ranking members of the restaurant must cover shifts of individuals who call off.
  • Additional duties encompass monitoring inventory, communicating with higher authority, and disciplining subordinates as needed.
  • Managerial roles begin with simple shift leader positions and escalate into shift manager, assistant managers, head managers, and general management.
  • Pay rises correspondingly with added responsibilities.

Tips For Applying

Earls Kitchen and Bar accepts both online applications and in-person submissions. Each application should include a carefully reviewed and personalized resume to optimize hiring odds. As management typically seeks goal-oriented and self-motivated individuals, applicants must display such behavior when briefly meeting before interviews. Remember, phone interviews sometimes occur before face-to-face meetings. Smiling while on the phone projects in tone of voice. Prepare for management interaction by learning about the company and uniquely and assertively expressing interest in working for the restaurant chain.

Application Status

Length of time from application to employment varies greatly depending on particular situations. Average hiring periods last between one and two weeks, though extreme situations require up to a month before hire occurs. After hiring recruiters review applications, which regularly takes up to a few days, candidates may call, email, or visit desired locations in person to check on application statuses. Neglecting to follow up with management displays undesirable motivational character flaws and often results in failure to receive interview offers.

Benefits of Working at Earls Kitchen and Bar

Work benefits packages remain competitive according to industry standards. Employees may take advantage of various programs including:

  • 401(k) retirement plans, stock options, and life insurance choices.
  • Company expansion lends to relocation opportunities for mobile-thinking individuals and presents further promotion opportunities for deserving associates.
  • Additional privileges available to staff may include discounted or free meals, breaks, and menu tasting gatherings.
  • The ability to switch shifts easily and work around difficult scheduling conflicts persists, as well.

Further Details about Earls Kitchen and Bar

At year end, select workers serving under top performing general managers and head chefs enjoy vacation as part of the Earls Experience Awards. Focused on culinary arts, awards trips expand participant restaurant knowledge and explore business strategies. Past award winners flew to Hong Kong and Japan to experience foods and spirits differing in magnitude from typical North American traditions. The experience awards continue as a part of company initiative to acquire and maintain top talent in the industry.

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