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EB Games is a subsidiary of GameStop that operates solely as an international brand. All U.S. locations were renamed upon merging in 2006. Applicants looking to work for the video game retailer can still find employment opportunities with the parent company.

Facts About Working at EB Games

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at EB Games?)

Available Positions: Assistant store manager, cashier, customer service representative, game advisor, sales associate, store manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

EB Games Job Opportunities

Job seekers with a passion for video games often fit perfectly with the game retailer. EB Games looks for candidates with great communication and merchandising skills as well as a strong knowledge of gaming. Entry-level opportunities currently exist in sales and customer service roles. Previous retail experience is a plus but not always needed.

Store managers should have additional schooling and retail experience in order to qualify for open positions. Therefore, the video game retailer routinely hires outside candidates. Workers who show promise can earn promotions.

EB Games Positions and Salary Information

Applicants who want to work for the video game retailer must be at least 16 years old. Manager and other full-time positions often require at least a high school diploma or GED. The most popular positions are listed below:

Game Advisor

  • Employees answer customer questions, keep merchandise stocked, and ring up final purchases.
  • Game advisors earn a pay rate around $8.00 an hour.
  • Candidates who are strong game lovers are ideal.

Assistant Store Manager

  • Duties include supervising employees, training new hires, processing recalls, and taking new merchandise shipments.
  • The starting hourly wage for assistant store managers is $12.00.
  • Applicants who can be friendly and keep up in a quick paced environment work out best.

Store Manager

  • Running the store at peak performance is the main task of the store manager.
  • Store managers typically have a starting salary of $55k annually.
  • Hard working individuals that possess supervision skill sets create great managerial candidates.

Tips for Applying

Application forms are available on the company website. Gather all relevant information before starting to save time. Make sure all spellings are correct and information is current before submitting the form. The video game chain asks for preferred workdays and times, pay, and if employees mind relocating. Resumes can be uploaded as part of applications.

Application Status

Once online applications have been submitted, candidates have a profile on the company website. Job seekers can check back at regular intervals to see new postings and to check on their current application status. Applicants hear back from hiring managers in as little as a couple of days to as long as two weeks. Candidates can contact stores directly, which may speed things up.

Benefits of Working at EB Games

Workers typically enjoy a wide variety of job benefits. Along with a generous employee discount on merchandise, EB Games also offers tuition assistance, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off. The retailer offers medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as life insurance to all who qualify.

More Information about EB Games

After merging with GameStop in 2006, the EB Games name is no longer used in the United States. However, it is still used in Canada, Europe, and Australia. The video game giant is part of a much larger family now that includes Game Informer magazine, mobile-game publisher Kongregate, and online retailer ThinkGeek.


  • Melanie says:

    Working at any EB Games/GameStop is incredibly easy and at times fun but terrible if you’re looking for anything full time. Depending on your position (you start out as a Game Adviser if you have no experience, it’s a Sales Associate) you may not get any more than 9-12 hours a week on average; though Black Friday/Christmas weeks fluctuate to maybe 20 hours that week. After the holiday season ends, your hours can drop even lower. GameStop doesn’t treat their employees well at all. I only recommend this job to people in school with up-to-date gaming knowledge and a LOT of patience.

    (former GameStop employee)

  • Gabriel Hamson says:

    I want to work at EB Games as I’ve seen it has a great culture and I would like to become a part of the team. I would like to learn new retail and customer service skills. With these skills, I believe I would affect the team at EB games in a positive way.

  • Luke Jones says:

    I really want to work at EBGAMES for a long time
    I’ve just lost my job and I love gaming.

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