EB Games Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at EB Games

About the Company

Focused on electronic and computer entertainment, EB Games frequently hires sales associates and other employees who are passionate about selling games and exceptional at customer service. The major retail company receives multiple applicants every day.

Skills & Traits

Candidates with excellent qualifications may be lucky enough to receive an invitation to interview. Most stores use a pretty familiar interview format for most positions. Job hopefuls participating in the interview process must perform well in order to join a workforce of more than 33,000 employees.

The Interview Process

During the Interview

The job interview covers both standard retail questions as well as more specific topics. Expect questions regarding work history, availability, performance as an employee, and career goals or aspirations. Applicants should also be prepared to discuss why they want a job with EB Games. Much of the interview revolves around video games and consoles.

Sample Interview Questions

Some examples of interview questions include:

Additional Info

While an interest in gaming is not necessarily required, candidates with a gaming hobby may get more enjoyment out of the job in addition to being better prepared to answer interview questions on the subject. Expect to talk about favorite games, current and upcoming titles, and different systems available during the interview. Interviewees may be put into a hypothetical scenario where applicants must come up with a responsible solution. The variety of questions are really a way for hiring managers to monitor how well the applicant can solve problems and communicate with customers and coworkers alike.


  • Justin says:

    Just because you play a lot of games doesn’t qualify you as a good employee, it takes drive, motivation and charisma. Also I’m assuming this job pays minimum wage like every other part-time job would. Anyways, your stores great, I would suggest having employees be more open to helping customers with reviews on games, and their opinions. Not really a question but a response 🙂

  • arslan says:

    Working at EB Games would be a good job for me to have! I play video games a lot so I know a lot about gaming systems, games, and more.

  • Michael says:

    You need to know quite abit about every console as customers you will serve will not just be buying games for one particular console so a little knowlodge about the main consoles is a must. (Mainly PC, Ps3, Xbox and Wii).

  • Catherine says:

    Is it possible for you to choose the location in which you work or does EB Games deploy you at a certain location?

  • Klous Ovich says:

    What education level (high school or college) is required for the job? and writing or math level just wondering like need to write at a college level and math at a college level or high school? something like that.

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