Econo Lodge Interview Questions & Tips

What Can I Expect From the Interview Process?

Econo Lodge conducts extensive interviews for a number of jobs in the hotel industry, including guests services, housekeeping, maintenance, support supervision, night auditing, and hotel management. The interview process depends greatly on the location, position, and volume of applicants. A hiring manager usually takes a week to contact eligible applicants for a job interview. The average duration of a job interview with the hotel chain ranges from 20 minutes up to an hour. Many entry-level positions feature casual, informal sessions with a potential supervisor. Other positions with the hospitality chain, specifically managerial roles, may require interview panels consisting of multiple managers and/or hotel staff to screen candidates.

How to Get a Job at Econo Lodge

Review past employment experiences and skills relevant to the position desired in order to prepare for each interview. The Econo Lodge hiring process generally includes some form of question and answer session. Typical interview questions posed to candidates during the process include: "What prior experience do you have in the hospitality industry?", "What do you know about Econo Lodge?", "How will you contribute to the success of the hotel?", and "What kind of service do you think our guests expect?" Think about each question and feel free to use past experiences to help with answers. Dressing up for any and all interviews, including button downs, slacks, dress shoes, skirts, sensible blouses and tops, and heels, may prove advantageous and increase hiring odds, as well.

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