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Prepare for an In-Depth Process

With the largest network of investment offices in the country, Edward Jones oversees the constant interviewing and hiring of new associates in order to adequately staff more than 10,000 branch locations nationwide. The interview process often proves lengthy and thorough for both entry-level branch office administrator and professional financial advisor positions. Qualified applicants go through a series of phone screenings and in-person interviews after submitting resumes via the company website. While phone and face-to-face interviews typically make up the majority of the hiring process for potential branch office administrators, aspiring financial advisors must also complete various activities and assessments.

Phone Interviews First

Usually conducted by recruiters, initial phone screenings act as a preliminary device used to verify whether candidates possess the skills that Edward Jones hiring managers look for in employees. For applicants with the desired skill sets, the basic screening progresses into an extensive phone interview often lasting as long as an hour. Phone interviews typically feature an array of situational questions, such as, "How would you handle an overly demanding client?" and "Give an example of a time when you had to anticipate a problem; what was the outcome?" Depending on performance in the phone interview, prospective office administrators and financial advisors then advance to onsite interviews hosted by current financial advisors.

Common Face-to-Face Interview Questions

Edward Jones job interviews held in-person generally last upwards of an hour. Financial advisors in charge of proceedings make inquiries like, "Why do you think you'll be successful in this role?" and "Talk about a time when you had to have a difficult conversation with a coworker or supervisor; how did the situation turn out?" Many popular Edward Jones interview questions follow the same situational format as the queries asked during the preceding round of phone screenings. After interviewing with a financial advisor face-to-face, aspiring office administrators undergo extensive background checks to finish the hiring process. Potential financial advisors, however, must complete additional steps to fully qualify for employment.

Field Exercises and Final Assessments

The next stage in the interview process for financial advisors consists of an exercise requiring interviewees to conduct field research and marketing surveys within the local community. Candidates must further establish abilities to work as financial advisors by completing a business plan. After finishing the job-related exercises, prospective employees participate in a final, 90-minute phone interview before proceeding to the last phase of the hiring process. Officially known as a "Day in the Life" assessment, the concluding stage in the interview process entails completion of computer-based activities simulating the typical workday of a financial advisor. The assessment takes four hours to complete, while the entire Edward Jones hiring process for financial advisor jobs lasts between one and two months, on average.

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