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One of the premier coffee shop chains in the United States, Einstein Bros. Bagels serves millions of customers annually out of roughly 800 restaurants. Fresh coffee offerings, delicious bagels, and prompt services lend to the ongoing and continued success of the brand, which provides thousands of opportunities for part-time and full-time work across the country.

Facts About Working at Einstein Bros. Bagels

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Einstein Bros. Bagels?)

Available Positions: Counter Associate, Cashier, Crew Member, In-Store Catering Specialist, Baker, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant General Manager, Area Business Manager, Catering Driver, Commercial Truck Driver, Financial Business Planning Director, Sourcing Specialist, Regional Catering Sales Manager, Beverage Brand Manager, Director of Franchise Business Development

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Einstein Bros. Bagels Job Opportunities

The coffee shop industry ranks as one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. According to Forbes Magazine, the beverage manufacturing industry saw 20% growth during the 2013 calendar year. Coffee shops like Einstein Bros. Bagels look to capitalize on the booming cafe chain business and need to hire on help as franchise operations swell. Most of the job titles available due to increasing demands for coffee and coffee-related products include part-time, entry-level sales and food prep jobs, which carry fairly similar responsibilities as traditional retail associate positions. The coffeehouse also conducts hiring to add management to existing and newly opened stores.

Coffeehouse locations typically cater to patrons on personalized levels. Job seekers looking for work in the industry with companies like Einstein Bros. Bagels must possess outgoing, friendly, and motivated attitudes. Extroverts who enjoy getting to know customers and work well both independently and as part of teams generally receive favor over other potential employees. Associates must show skill in crafting menu items, carrying out daily tasks, and serving the general public. Managers assist entry-level staff in typical responsibilities in addition to performing various administrative jobs. Upon hire, employees enjoy paid training and competitive wages.

Einstein Bros. Bagels Positions and Salary Information

Einstein Bros. Bagels sets no real employment requirements for entry-level positions other than a restriction on the minimum age to hire. Individuals must stand at least 16 in order to work for the successful coffeehouse chain. Additional hiring requirements typically include personality traits and communication skills. The most common coffee shop jobs available include:


  • Perfect for workers with no previous job histories, cashier positions require some basic knowledge of operating computers and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Cashiers also carry out general crew member duties during busy rushes.
  • Primary responsibilities of individuals in cashier jobs include processing food and drink orders, receiving payments, issuing change and receipts, and answering questions about menus, services, and policies.
  • The average cashier enjoys minimum wage starting pay, with opportunities to earn as much as $8.00 or $9.00 hourly with experience gained.

Crew Member

  • The pace of work as an Einstein Bros. Bagels crew member often requires associates to exercise expediency and tact.
  • Busy rushes may create dozens of tickets for crew members to fill at once.
  • Individuals able to work in fast-paced, high-pressure situations, including ones with potentially irritable customers, thrive as crew members.
  • The entry-level job features food prep, customer service, cashier, and sanitation responsibilities.
  • Applicants must carry out work in accordance with corporate governance on health and safety.
  • Most crew members work part-time schedules, or roughly 30 or less hours per week.
  • Pay hovers around minimum wage at start, with experienced crew members earning in excess of $10.00 an hour.


  • Coffee shop managers take full responsibility for hiring and training new associates, maintaining product and equipment supplies, enforcing company protocol, increasing sales, reporting profits/losses, and coordinating shipments.
  • Motivated employees or coffeehouse industry career hopefuls may take interest in shift supervisor, assistant manager, and restaurant manager job titles.
  • Shift supervisors usually maintain restaurant crews and schedule employees.
  • Assistant managers create sales reports, process payroll, and motivate subordinate associates in addition to carrying out entry-level job duties.
  • Restaurant managers historically execute administrative tasks and report directly to the company corporate offices.
  • Two years of related experience often proves necessary to assume assistant manager roles and restaurant manager roles, while shift supervisors receive promotion based on performance and tenure at the discretion of existing management teams.
  • Shift supervisors receive hourly pay falling between $9.00 and $11.00. Assistant managers and restaurant managers enjoy annual salary options starting at $30,000 and ranging up to more than $50,000.

Tips For Applying

The coffeehouse uses a straightforward interview process consisting of one or two hiring sessions with recruitment managers. During the sessions, management ask applicants series of questions regarding the position and employment history. Hiring officials may also ask about personality traits, such as hobbies and interests. Some of the questions center on experience in food preparation. Applicants should tailor any prior experience handling food or preparing meals for the general public in answers provided to management. Bringing copies of updated resumes may also assist candidates in gaining employment; however, the step may prove unnecessary for entry-level roles.

Application Status

Workers must call or visit Einstein Bros. Bagels locations in order to check on the status of applications. The nationwide chain of coffee shops keeps applicant information on file for months at a time after receiving submitted materials. Calling or visiting desired locations may demonstrate genuine interest in working for the coffee chain. Wear professional clothing when making personal visits to locations and always act in proficient manners when speaking to management. Most prospective associates receive job offers after sitting through one or two hiring sessions, with the entire process lasting no more than two weeks, in most cases. The size of applicant fields may influence the overall time needed to navigate the hiring process. At most, job hopefuls may experience four or more weeks going through mandatory procedures.

Benefits of Working at Einstein Bros. Bagels

One of the many job benefits of working for Einstein Bros. Bagels includes the ability to enjoy flexible hours without the necessity of assuming late-night shifts. Workers also enjoy paid training upon hire, generous hourly pay and salary options, room for growth and career development opportunities, and discounted meals.

The restaurant chain also provides quarterly bonus programs:

  • 401(k) retirement plans,
  • Paid time off, medical, dental, and vision coverage, and
  • Life insurance options.

More Details on Einstein Bros. Bagels

A corporation with hands-on business operations, Einstein Bros. Bagels maintains active roles in the production of goods sold in store. The major coffeehouse chain operates two dough production facilities used to make the famous bagels sold by the restaurant. Production facilities sit in Whittier, CA, and Avon, IN. The outfits produce dough not only for the popular offshoot but for the Manhattan Bagel brand, as well.


  • ashley says:

    Yes, they offer a benefits package that involves health insurance, vision care, paid vacation time and & so much more just ask once u get the job. I’ve been promoted to shift leader as of today ..I’m excited. More money for me!

  • Fredricka McMillan says:

    I loved working for Einstein Bros. Bagels. The customers were so nice, and so were my coworkers! I was the cashier mostly, but I also made coffee, put together sandwiches, and cleaned. I clean bathrooms, mirrors, and floors. My managers were very patient and easy to work with.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Can you work at Einstein Bros. at age 15 if you have a workers permit?

  • Barbara Saunders says:

    I worked here b4, it was a pleasure being a prep specialist, COVID occurred and I had to sit out. Looking forward to going back to work with staff like family.

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