Elizabeth Arden Job Interview Questions & Tips

Getting a Foot in the Door

A cosmetics company with international acclaim, Elizabeth Arden looks to hire innovative and motivated associates to fill retail sales, management, and corporate positions throughout North America. The industry leader recruits entry-level employees through job fairs and advertisements and lists upper-level job openings on the company website. Hiring staff usually contact qualified or promising applicants three of four days after receiving employment requests.

Different Interview Sessions for Different Roles

Entry-level candidates vying for positions like sales, front desk, customer service, or makeup artist usually spend no more than two weeks completing each step of the Elizabeth Arden hiring process and usually sit with a store manager for short and personable interview sessions. Managerial applicants, however, may face several interview sessions, and recruitment personnel usually take more than a month to make hiring decisions in such cases.

Answering Questions Appropriately

Entry-level applicants should expect to field questions about personality, career aspirations, customer service aptitude, and availability. Elizabeth Arden interview questions take form in prompts like: "Tell me a little bit about yourself?", "What is your dream job?", "How would you handle a customer trying to use an expired coupon code?" and "Can you work weekends?" Hiring managers sometimes conclude meetings with job offers and wage discussions. Upper-level candidates may encounter more involved interview questions touching on past experience, position-specific skills, and knowledge of the brand. Some titles may require proof of certification or several years of experience in a similar field.

Prepare Accordingly

Applicants who exude enthusiastic and friendly tones typically perform well during Elizabeth Arden interviews. Job hopefuls should research the brand and review job history prior to each session in order to competently answer all interview questions. Wear fashionable yet professional clothing to hiring sessions.


  • Leona cutic says:

    I’m currently working in the pharmacy field, have experience with your product simply by using it for so many years. I believe in your company and would like to become the part of your team as a Beauty Advisor.

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