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Founded in Dubai, Emirates is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East. The company services over 80 countries and averages thousands of flights each week. With nearly 65,000 employees and a fleet of around 250 planes, the carrier continues to expand across the globe.

Facts About Working at Emirates

Hiring Age: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Emirates?)

Available Positions: Baggage handler, cabin crew, customer service agent, maintenance worker, security guard

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Emirates Job Opportunities

Some Entry-Level Roles

While the company prefers workers who have experience, a few positions do not require a history of airline work. Most locations focus on hiring full-time employees, though part-time jobs may be available. An Emirates career can develop from entry-level employment.

Multi-Language Positions

A number of Emirates jobs require an employee to speak more than one language. These vary by location, and include any written or spoken dialect in the service area. Details will be listed on the application form if such skills are necessary.


The majority of jobs at Emirates involve a lot of travel. However, candidates who relocate to Dubai for work earn extra benefits and experience. These workers enjoy tax-free salary packages, improved healthcare coverage, and discounts on airfare for friends or family.

Employment and Salary Information for Emirates

Most Emirates careers are full-time and offer salary options that scale with experience. Hopefuls applying for entry-level jobs must be age 18 or over, while cabin crew employees need to be at least 21 years old.

Customer Service Agent

  • Workers sell and issue tickets to customers.
  • Friendly and outgoing employees excel at this Emirates job.
  • Hourly wages for the position begin at around $12.00.

Cabin Crew

  • Associates attend to passenger needs, serve meals, and provide safety demonstrations.
  • Calm, professional, customer-focused workers are often hired for the role.
  • The average starting pay rate for this job is $21.00 per hour.

Tips for Applying

Candidates can apply online to submit applications. Emirates also regularly holds Open Days to assess cabin crew applicants. Topics such as salary options and job benefits are discussed at these events. Potential hires should use the chance to impress employers.

Application Status

Hopefuls who turn in an Emirates job application online can usually check their status on the site. However, cabin crew candidates mostly apply in person at Open Days. Following these meetings, hiring managers will contact successful applicants to schedule an interview.

Benefits of Working at Emirates

All Emirates jobs offer employment benefits, such as travel discounts. It is often only full-time careers that include:

  • Extensive medical insurance
  • Competitive 401(k) plans
  • Time off or paid vacation

Additional Information about Emirates

The airline is always expanding its service area and the number of workers it employs. The company continually adds to its already impressive fleet of aircrafts. Decisions like this result in more job openings for a wide range of Emirates careers.


  • shella says:

    Ticket sales agent. Greet and help customers and passengers with their flight reservations. They equally provide information regarding dates, schedules availability and prices of flights.

  • N kavitha says:

    How can I work in the food department? What are the qualifications?

  • Mary says:

    I would like to apply for the position of a customer service agent. How would i go about that? Kindly.

  • sudheesh says:

    How can I work in the IT department? What are the qualifications?

    • Saida khanom says:

      I need a job ..plz how can i get a job and what are the qualifications?

  • Mary wambui Thuku says:

    Yes and it’s a very nice place

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